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5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

TheHypedGeek: Chew on this fact: gaming videos on YouTube are ranked second in terms of subscribers’ numbers with over 78 million viewers clicking ‘subscribe’. There are literally thousands of gaming channels out there but you don’t want to follow just ANY plain ol’ gaming channel do you? So which ones are actually worth your time? Well we’ve picked the cream of the crop so you won’t have to spend too much time searching. (Culture, YouTube)

Gozer  +   424d ago
I cant stand pewdeepie. Its admirable and all that he gives money to charity, and I commend him for that. But he is loud, and overreacts so much, I find him unbearable. He reminds me of the immature loud mouthed kids, in their early teens, of the Halo 2 days. No surprise that my 12 year old brother loves watching his videos.

I personally prefer Twitch over YT. Ive got people on my friends list that Ive met on Twitch. If Im looking for walkthroughs I go to YT.
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Ziwen  +   424d ago
Totally understand where you are coming from. And you just gave me an idea on twitch videos. =D

Thanks dude.
AbhishekGIS  +   423d ago
I prefer Acvideos for assassin's creed and IGN for other games.
Asuka  +   423d ago
...and i don't like any of these channels. idk why, but I tend to stay away from big and popular channels because the content isn't the same as some of your smaller, more personal channels where you can actually feel the players love for their hobby. though that's just me. And yeah i can't stand pewdeepie. don't know how screaming and acting like a child makes him so popular, but it is nice that he donates his earnings.
WeAreLegion  +   423d ago
Nerdist? Pewdiepie?

Why? I'd much rather watch Boogie2988. He doesn't annoy me. He's real and actually fun to watch.
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Infamous298  +   423d ago
Game theorists is fun and informative, dont know how pewdiepie got in the list tho.
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SSJBen  +   423d ago
I find it dumb that ppl are actually spending time exclusively on a gaming channel.
LAWSON72  +   423d ago
I enjoy AVGN, Did You know Gaming, peanut butter gamer, the completionist, and a couple Dark souls channels Epicnamebro and Vaatividya. Game theory is good but I was turned away by his bitter feelings toward Nintendo and making a video about it despite such a bias toward them. He did not usual factual and up to date information and said it has no games pretty much
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Scissorman82  +   423d ago
No mention of Vsauce3? or Markiplyer?



Also, no to PewDiePie. Just no. There is no value in that channel as a gamer. It's simply annoying. This list should read: "Top Subscribed YouTube Gaming Channels". Being popular doesn't make you essential.
LightofDarkness  +   423d ago
Whole lot of "meh" there. I prefer folks like JonTron, Egoraptor, PBG, OneyNG, Continue?, Polaris, Boogie2988, GameGrumps, Birgirpall, Bro Team, Matt Lees, Matthewmatosis and the criminally overlooked Satchbag's Goods. Seriously, Satchel Drakes has probably made the best gaming related Youtube editorials ever.

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