The Next-Gen Starts . . . When?

An article on PlayStation Enthusiast reads:

"Ah, the summer time — the ideal time to unwind, kick back, and relax. Some like to catch up on their library of books on the beach or poolside. Others like to go out on scenic adventures to marvel at the wonders that nature has to offer. Then, there’s us, the people who don’t know what sunlight is and have been waiting to separate ourselves from the rest of immediate society to huddle together with our numerous “friends” via text and headsets and literally game the day — and sometimes night — away.

Yes, this would be the ideal time to be a gamer if, you know, there were some actual games to play. What you’re probably thinking right now is “What on earth is this fool talking about? I got my shiny new [insert console name here] right here! All I have is games upon more games!” Unless you own a Wii U, you really shouldn't be thinking that way because, let’s face it, almost everyone else is basically starving for a good game or two right about now."

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MysticStrummer1438d ago

When I buy a console. Hasn't happened yet. Sorry, early adopters.

XtraTrstrL1438d ago

I can't blame you. I can't even stream or copy over my mp3s/videos to PS4 like on PS3. I have to pay to stream if I want, through Music/Vid Unlimited. The few games worth playing are mainly indies or Remasters, with 1 or 2 exceptions. Online is still free on PS3. It feels like everything is connected to a $$$subscription$$$ on next-gen, with little payoff. There's better games on last gen still, with many upcoming next-gen titles being cross-gen and not as pretty as they should be because of it (sorry, but that's including Destiny).

None of my friends got one just for this reason, they are waiting for something worthwhile to release. One friend recently got a Wii U, because despite it's lack of next-gen power, it still has great/fun games. I was making fun of him, but to be honest, I can't even say anything. I haven't been playing my PS4 much, even though I recently bought the camera. There's no camera games even out, just Playroom. I understand there not being much for it with how the consoles released early, but NO games at all, just the free Playroom - is sad.

BattleAxe1438d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing with you. Every point you just made was spot-on. Subscriptions are my biggest issue, but there really haven't been any great games that have come out that aren't on PC or PS3. I'm an Infamous fan, and so that is honestly the only PS4 game that I can say that I really might be missing out on. I'm also a Killzone fan, and I tried Shadow Fall.....Killzone 3 is a far superior game.

jimjam34421437d ago

@battleaxe shadow fall sux, having never played infamous 1 or 2 i thought second son was a dumb kids game. the best games out are tomb raider, tlou, and maybe battlefield 4. never played wolfenstien.

dcj05241437d ago

Warframe, DCUO, Final Fantasy XIV, Wolfenstein The New Order, Battlefield 4,Infamous Second Son, Knack,Assassin's Creed 4,Watch_Dogs,Strider and the (with a few exceptions) awesome Indies keep me busy enough.

Then again I'm satisfied with the VITA's library and people believe that's on the low-end too. Just have fun I guess.

Jamesx82x1437d ago

Just in terms of the graphics comment the slower people upgrade to new systems the longer it will take to get out of this cross gen hell.

spacedelete1437d ago

you can stream media files on PS4 but you will need to use PS4 web browser and upload to cloud server site like google drive. your welcome.

sprinterboy1437d ago


Disagree with you buddy, although Mp3 would be welcome, vidzone is a awesome free music app, plus all my songs are on my phone, just plugging it into my amplifier. Subscriptions with ps plus is £35 but you get over £1000 worth of games etc, so that's a no brainer. As for the camera comment well I agree with you on that, kzsf should have used move and Sony should have put some tech demos at least together other than playroom

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XBLSkull1438d ago

Last gen consoles are like owning a flip-phone, the current gen consoles are like owning a smart phone. Not our fault that you don't see it. If you don't see that yet, you'll never see it, and you will be disappointed no matter how many years into this cycle you wait to buy your new console.

BattleAxe1438d ago

That was a terrible comparison. Lets be a bit more realistic. Last gen consoles are like a Samsung Galaxy 3 and next gen consoles are like the Samsung Galaxy 5. They both do pretty much the exact same things, except the newer version is much faster.

BattleN1437d ago

We're waiting for the good games to jump on the next gen.
Gears 4 has me leaning towards the One!
I must see it first tho.

Tiqila1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

The Halo collection makes me want an xbox one, everything else screams playstation 4. But I have so many games on my last gen consoles and so much fun right now with the Wii U, I can easily wait another 6 months or so.

TRD4L1fe1438d ago

don't apologize. Im loving my NEXT GEN console, sorry you're still in the past

LAWSON721438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Nothing to be sorry about really PS3 has a better library (and insane prices that can score you loads of games) and even has more media features then it's successor. Same can be said for Xbone when it comes to the library at least. I love my Xbone but don't feel sorry for someone rocking a PS3 or even a 360. My PS3 is still relevant and a fantastic machine. If anything I am sorry for you if you don't have one.

BattleAxe1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )


Not to mention that you can subscribe to PS+ if you feel like it, or continue to play online for free without it. So many more options with last gen consoles.

I wouldn't worry about it, you'll never teach people how to compare things objectively. You could go on telling them the colour blue is indeed the colour blue, but for whatever reason, they will go on thinking that the colour red is the colour blue, because thats what the advertising on TV says.

They simply can't bare to think that they've wasted their money, or at the very least, misjudged the value of their hardware and subscription investment. Therefore, they will continue to defend their purchase of a new console, not because they are being rational, but because it makes themselves feel better living the lie.

thorstein1438d ago

Yeah, we're all waiting with baited breath for you to get your console.

Meanwhile, in realityland, I (and millions of others) are enjoying our current gen (PS4, XOne and Wii U) consoles.

We're a year in and I play daily.

MysticStrummer1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

So about 10% of the install base of PS3/360? Less than that actually.

You're in the minority, sir.

MysticStrummer1438d ago

My comment was clearly a joke…

I just haven't seen a game yet that I felt the need to play. There are some that I will buy later on sale, like Wolfenstein, but until there's a game that makes me NEED a new console I'll wait. I'm probably going to jump into the current gen with Destiny on PS4 though. That looks right up my alley. I don't care about the PvP part of it, but the PvE stuff looks fun to me.

thorstein1438d ago

Good call. The Beta was a blast. But if you're grabbing the PS4 (and haven't played TLOU yet, you may wish to do so), Infamous Second Son is certainly worth it. Killzone Shadowfall was great for SP... I didn't really embrace the MP like I did with KZ2 or KZ3.

LonDonE1437d ago

"Killzone Shadowfall was great for SP"
LMFAO seriously? the single player in killzone shadowfall was a dam joke! it is garbage compared to killzone 2 and 3.
The graphics are pretty but thats about it, the missions are generic as hell and the characters are laughable, i still cant remember what the main character is called! lol

spacedelete1437d ago

i don't understand why people assume Wii U has alot of games. its been 3 years and all it gets is a pathetic amount of games every year. yes next gen doesn't have many games but the difference between next gen and Wii U is that next gen will get games eventually whereas Wii U is dying a slow death with its gimmick controller and underpowered console.

i do agree though that game industry is stupid. not everyone is outside in the sun. with the weather right now being way too hot is a reason to stay in. game industry shouldn't whine and cry when their games flop. people will only buy essential games in holiday season. in summer people are willing to take a chance at anything to play something.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1438d ago

The New gen started when the wii u released. All generations start out slow.
All three console are going to be releasing their own brand of megaton hits next year, and a select few this year to tide us over.
As long as we don't limit ourselves to just one console and don't try to ignore Indies alongside other games, there's going to be plenty to keep all flavors of gamers happy.

Metallox1438d ago

The generation started when the Xbox One finally launched. By then we already had the 3DS, PSVita, Wii U, PS4... and the Ouya if you want. I count it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1437d ago

I prefer to consider a gen as having begun once the newest machine is out for at least one of the big 3.
That's how it's been measured since the NES era, practically, anyways.
Doesn't really matter, though; either way one spins it, the games are coming.
And we're all going to lament the death of our wallets at their highly-entertaining hands...

700p1437d ago

Yeah "next gen" type of games will start showing up in afew months.

weirdo1438d ago

when i switch on my ps4

SonyPS41438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

When developers actually develop games specifically for the systems they've been crying for after so many years. So far, we're mostly getting cross gen titles and cheap definitive editions of games released less than two years ago.

colonel1791438d ago

Yeah, that's something I don't get. There are statements from Ubisoft and other developers complaining about how long last gen was, and that they couldn't be creative any more, but then this generation so far has been indies and remasters.

Luckily, next year seems to be the true beginning of this generation, and hopefully starts to get better.

dcj05241437d ago

There are ALOT of remasters (Tomb Raider, last of us, Metro redux, Sleeping Dogs,GTA V, Payday 2,Master Cheif collectuon) and that's fantastic so the developers have more money to put in New games. Win win!

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