Project CARS Will Receive VR Support, First Video Shows Oculus Rift In Action

Slightly Mad Studios has been teasing something really ‘big’ for this year’s Gamescom and it appears that fans have already spoiled the surprise.

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C-H-E-F1506d ago

Interesting... this is one kick starter game that I wish sells and turns profit. They really worked hard for it. I know there's 3 racing games coming out (PS4). I was on the fence about getting this game along with the other two, but I guess I can pledge 60$ to them by purchasing the game. I really wish them the best.

sinspirit1505d ago

Can not wait. I've always wanted a wrap-around display or three monitors for my PC just for racing games but this will be even better. Though, I guess you can't peek out of the corner of your eye to check your sides. You will have to turn your head but so long as it quickly tracks your head movement that is no problem at all.

frostypants1505d ago

I never even thought about peripheral vision. Hmmm. Hope that gets resolved as the tech progresses.

Zynga1505d ago

I wonder how this would work with ppl who wear glasses.

GundalfDeGrej1505d ago

I think I remember the devs saying that they've built the rift so that you can wear glasses at the same time.

rodiabloalmeida1505d ago

Only the retail version will be fully compatible with people that needs prescription glasses.

Insomnia_841505d ago

The guy says it feels and looks really cool when close to the other cars but it really bothers him when the framerate drops to the point where at the end he felt the need to stop and take it off.

Devs really need to make this games run at a solid 60fps.

equal_youth1505d ago

i think they need to make it run at constant 120 fps for either display :/

starchild1505d ago

Yeah, he said the technology is extremely promising and it does a good job of transporting you into the game. He also said when the cars get close it's crazy (the way it looks). But he said the frames per second, the fluidity, is imperative. Having used the Rift I totally agree with him on that last point.