10 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Must Learn From GTA V

What could a sequel to one of the greatest games in history learn from the highest-selling property of all time?

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ATi_Elite1435d ago


RDR2 will have a PC release as R* Sandiego will not be pulled away to help with L.A. Noir PC, Max Payne PC, and GTAV PC like they were when RDR first came out.

RDR had no PC release in the works as the game was made to only appeal to consolers but PC Gamers have made it clear that a market does exist for RDR2 on PC.

So I expect R* San Diego to have time to work on it with NO other projects to draw them away it like last time.

Max Payne 3 PC was a graphical MONSTER that ran very well and it's the same engine as GTAV!

ThatOneGuyThere1435d ago

i would say they need to stay away from the multiple playable characters thing. i found that tedious and uninteresting. I would rather build my own character

nucky641435d ago

if pc gamers "made it clear that a market does exist for RDR2"....why didn't RDR get made for pc?
and when rockstar was asked about RDR coming to pc - they never said other projects were keeping them too busy - they just said "we have no plans at this time to bring RDR to pc".

LightDiego1435d ago

Don't worry, this guy is really boring, he is proud to play only on pc and criticize consoles everytime, but always asks for console games to pc.

Eiffel1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Red Dead Redemption was a special case. Originally the game was meant to come out for PS2 and Xbox, but Rockstar held off and revamped the game several times throughout it's development. The reason they haven't ported it to PC is because they'd have to rework the entire code as it was never developed with PC architecture in mind. That's a strenuous effort to tackle, it also didn't help that Rockstar had laid off most of their San Diego studio after the game's release.

That being said, I'm sure the next Red Dead will see a PC release.

TheDevKit1435d ago

The code was an absolute mess, according to Rockstar.

denawayne1435d ago

RDR2 needs more realism. While the setting and story of RDR was good, the the actual gameplay was wasn't. Combat was weird (like GTA games) where it took you to start a mission and then like 500 enemies would "come to life". Hunting was too easy and not realistic. Chasing down a deer on and shooting on horseback would never happen in real life. Also, shooting flying birds with a rifle is ridiculous. Rockstar also needs to add more secret areas, like caves, with treasures that could be mined or dug up. Co-op in single player would be fun, too. Having multiple characters is a good idea. Playing as an outlaw on the run or the sheriff of a town would fun.

Can't wait to see what Rockstar has in store for this franchise.

nucky641435d ago

agree with you on everything. I think (in MP) in free roam there needs to be more gang hideouts to take out and just more things to do....maybe option to rob banks or stagecoaches for example.

MysticStrummer1435d ago

RDR was better than GTAV, so...

-Foxtrot1435d ago

I can't really add much more as most people have already said what I would like to see improved on however I want them to have fun...get weird and freaky with it (not in that way...perverts)

I want to see a ton of easter eggs and references

I thought it would of been great to have them in GTAV as they are not limited by the time era but Red Dead 3 could still have western film references and that

I would of loved it if, after you've completed the main game, you could find a small cave where the Back to the Future Delorean is and you could actually drive it or maybe a secret stash of money in middle of nowhere which are in black containers (Breaking Bad).

Would be nice to see. GTAV could of had a ton...Big Foot, UFO's, Ghost Cars, Leather face etc but they didn't do it.

showtimefolks1435d ago

There are some games which are perfect to me


we don't need to tell R* what they need to do, they have proven with GTA5, they know what they are doing.

I just want it soon

bully 2
next mafia
next max payne

Goro1435d ago

Mafia is 2K, not Rockstar. I know they're both Take Two but from your comment it doesn't look like you know that.

showtimefolks1435d ago

yes but do some research R* North are like the main guys responsible for dealing with a lot of studios under them

Max payne
Midnight club
Table Tennis

so while you are right its 2k the developer, in most cases R8 are also helping them in some way. It doesn't have to be R* North, R* have so many other teams under them

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