Wii U Weekly Deals: Wii U Pro Controller (Black/White) $34.99, Deus Ex Human Revolution $14 and more

Wii U deals and sales on Nintendo, Amazon, Frys, Play-Asia, Target, Toys R Us & GameDealDaily.

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timothyckeegan1411d ago

Are Wii U accessories region free?

zep1411d ago

not the game pad i dont know about the others

andrewsimons1411d ago

Is Fry's Wii U bundle worth it?

edgarohickman1411d ago

Just ordered Deus Ex to see if GamePad integration is as good as reported.

Jay70sgamer1411d ago

edgar ..this game in my opinion is one of the best 3Rd party games on wii u ...they used the gamepad perfectly for this game ....

Concertoine1410d ago

Its good i just wish they wouldve taken the time to improve the game technically. It still has atrocious load times and the game slowd down a lot every time it autosaves

Tom871411d ago

Many deals for this week.

lebr0n1411d ago

Do Target or Amazon or Best Buy PM Play-Asia?

Rockefellow1410d ago

You could get lucky at Target. I haven't bothered pming at Best Buy for a while now due to how stubborn they've become but it may just be my local stores.

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