Resident Evil - New Remaster Versus Wii Comparison Shows Graphical Differences

Resident Evil Remaster is coming in early 2015 on PC, current-gen and old-gen consoles and below you can find a new comparison between the original Wii version and the latest upcoming HD overhaul.

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Travis37081314d ago

Looks great! I'll be getting this on PS4.

ZodTheRipper1314d ago

I'm not getting it at all, played it on Wii a few years ago. Not worth double dipping.

thekhurg1314d ago

Some of the shots from the remaster simply don't look good at all. I dunno - this has cash grab written all over it.

Eyeco1314d ago

Cash grab or not, there are still MILLIONS of RE fan's worldwide that missed out on this game due to it being exclusive on the game, it's a must have for them regardless.

BullyMangler1314d ago


Nintendo always with the best graphics!

darthv721314d ago

All I can really say is..."Don't open that door!"

IcarusOne1314d ago

If anything, these shots just show how f-ing good the Gamecube version looked. Honestly not that impressed with the new screens. Don't see a reason to buy this yet.

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XxExacutionerxX1314d ago

I bet that capcom will make you pay for extra outfits as DLC for this.

Syntax-Error1313d ago

none of those shots look good

Pinkdolphinyfg1314d ago

Reminds me of the days back when Chris had a normal human body and not some dudebro steroid abusing junkie they turned him into for Re5. Will buy both next gen versions just to support the genre.

tanookisuit1314d ago

I'm curious, did Capcom ever explain the overhaul to Chris for RE5 and onwards?

Pozzle1314d ago

The Resident Evil wiki says he bulked up before RE5 so that he'd be a better match against Wesker, but there's no source so I don't know where they got that info from...or how true it is.

gantarat1314d ago

B.O.W.s Become his sandbag

UltraNova1314d ago

Try western appeal tactics (= more sales)... We sure love our dudebro moments dont we?

DarkBlood1314d ago

Yeah but leon isnt bulked up unlike chris who has a personal reason after the veronica incident

Kurylo3d1314d ago

Chris redfield became marcus fenix... someone at capcom played a little too much gears of war and thought it would be a good idea.... how wrong they were..

carlocgc1314d ago

they could have next gen'ed the graphics up some imo. I'll buy it to support a true resi game

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nosferatuzodd1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Ill be getting this for ps4 just to let capcom know we hate that new gears of war version of res evil 5 we need the old game back with the puzzle and the scare..blim ((zod telleport back in to the shadows))

Blacklash931314d ago

Never played REmake, so I'm looking forward to this.

Austin481314d ago

Its looking better than expected I can't wait

dodgemoose1314d ago

Couldn't have been expecting much then.

TheDrunkenJester1314d ago

Agreed, I was expecting much more out of this remake especially for PS4 and X1. If it was coming out a couple years ago for PS3 and 360, sure, but this looks really ugly.

If you're going to remake it, remake it right.

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The story is too old to be commented.