WWE 2K15 Roster, Batista, Rusev, Corporate Kane, Paige & more we'd like to see

It’s that time of the year again for the WWE universe, the month of August where Summerslam takes place and the WWE 2K15 Roster is revealed. With this instalment of the series making it’s debut on the PS4 and Xbox One fans are now more anxious then ever to not only find out if their favourite superstars and divas made the cut but also to see how they look with the improved hardware.

Fear not though the WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal will take place in just a few days on Saturday, August 16 the day before SummerSlam but until then just like last year we here at Wrestling Gamer want to bring you the WWE 2K15 Roster wishlist! DesertEagle has decided to go over the 2k15 roster additions he’d like to see for this year’s game in a special video!

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likeaboss3021440d ago

I hope Rusev and Lana are in the game. It would be cool if they had some of the NXT roster included. I'd like to see Tyler Breeze.

theXtReMe11440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Id like to see a ton of legends in.

Iron Shiek
Nikolai Volkolf
Killer Bees
Rock & Roll Express
The Rockers
Mr. Perfect
Ted Dibiase
Four Horsemen
Ultimate Warrior
Hart Foundation
British Bulldogs
Honkytonk Man
Randy Savage
Trish Stratus
The Hardys
New Age Outlaws
Jake Roberts
The Fabulous Freebirds
The Wild Samoans
King Kong Bundy
Ricky Steamboat
Blue Blazer and Owen Hart
Hacksaw Jim Dugan
Lex Lugar
Andre The Giant
Brooklyn Brawler
Eddie Guerrero
The Von Erichs

I could go on forever. I guess this is where create a wrestler comes in handy. I just hope we have the ability to rip and use MP3s for the entrance music by then. Cant wait for the game.

TheUndertaker851440d ago

Uh... WWE 2K14 supports custom entrance music. Don't know why 2K15 wouldn't.

Hoping we don't play the take a step back with newer, better hardware again. WWE games really haven't felt solid since PS2.

mahmoods261440d ago

Can they bring back the fully voiced and well written storylines from the 2006 version. I miss them.