New PlayStation Games We Are Excited To Play This Week 8/12/2014

Do have the nerve of steel to wear the surgeons gloves?

This upcoming week on PS4 marks the release of the Accident and Emergency operation game, Surgeon Simulator. This exclusive Anniversary Edition on PS4 will feature all the best things from the PC and iOS versions, all in one convenient pack. Check out the full list of games out this week on PS4, PS3 and PSVita.

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Frankskint1469d ago

How much is Surgeon Simulator going for?

amyortega1311469d ago

Think its $14.99 or less, can't remember how much they were charging for it on iOS very sure it wasn't a lot.

danniellelewis1469d ago

Still not sure if I should just buy Hohokum this coming tuesday or wait to read a few reviews first.

lisamorgan41469d ago

Been really looking forward to playing Hohokum for a very long time. The soundtrack is amazing. Not waiting for reviews on this, day one order straight away.

DonDon1469d ago

Can it hurt to wait a day? Even a few hours? Review embargos often lift at midnight (about 16 hours or so before Sony finally updates the psn store). Spend your money on worthwhile games, not just because of a trailer (even though u and reviewer have different tastes, u can compare multiple reviews).

alvinmiller921469d ago

Hohokum at last, can't wait to play this.

ArronNelson1469d ago

All these great titles on PS Vita, I don't have money to pick these up, but was really looking forward to Akiba's trip, so probably just get that for now.

EdnaJones971469d ago

What a great week for Vita's, may pick up a few of these to alternate between my PS4.

charliewong9801469d ago

I am not really into blood and gore, but may give Surgeon a go. friend of mine said its pretty good.

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