Releases 11th Aug – 17th Aug 2014

So Gamescom 2014 is nearly upon us which means it’s the normal slowdown of game releases, however we’re sure that there are going to be some amazing deals on the PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo as new games push old ones aside this coming weeks so keep your eyes pealed and we will report everything that we find. Nevertheless, here is information on game releases from 11th Aug – 17th August 2014.

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ArchangelMike1380d ago

Weird article.Why didn't you just list all the games that will release later this month, instead of 2 very obscure titles? Games like Risen 3, Diablo III:Ultimate Edition, Tales of Xilia, Metro:redux etc.

Anyway, I guess I'm just really really looking forwards to Diablo III. Bring on the burning hells >)

1noobgamer1379d ago

I guess because they do releases per week so it wasnt released next week?