Who Cares About 1080P & 60FPS? I Sure Don’t

Chris Brandrick of Gamebrit writes: Maybe it’s just me, but I find the ongoing obsession with discussing and dissecting every game apart to see if it holds up to the seemingly ‘holy grail’ metric of 1080p and 60 frames-per-second thoroughly dull.

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darx1414d ago

I could careless about 1080/60

johndoe112111414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Good for you, I paid 400 bucks for a next gen system after spending 8 years with the last gen ones. You sure as hell better believe I expect to get better resolutions and frame rates for the money i'm spending in games and accessories on this new gen. And if they fall short on the resolution and framerate they had better make my brain melt with mind blowing graphics.

Ripsta7th1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

See you guys say this but then when games like hotline miami come to ps4 and i complain about the graphics, im wrong?! You guys start telling me graphics dont matter and its all about gameplay, wtf?!?
Because thats exactly what i think, just payed $400 to play games i could on mobile?!?

XtraTrstrL1414d ago

Yeah, these consoles basically came out in 2014. There's nothing wrong with wanting the standards to be set higher in resolution/fps/interactivity/a i/world-size/loading-times/etc.

Vegamyster1414d ago


Most people who buy new gaming machines whether it's consoles or PC do it primarily for AAA titles, Indies are a nice bonus but not the main reason people get a new system.

Army_of_Darkness1414d ago

After playing the last of us remastered, I care even more now ;-)

Gaming1011414d ago

lol darx, here come all the people to correct your grammar.

On topic - not caring about your AAA games looking good sounds like the backtracking excuse-making of everyone who bought the X-bone. If you remember last gen X-bots were crowing every time they had a multiplat game with higher resolution than the same one on PS3... now all of a sudden they don't care? lol fanboys make me laugh... and vomit and the same time.

Yes, 1080p looks nice, and 60fps is really smooth, it's a bonus. Almost all games on PS4 have both, so no complaining here :)

morganfell1414d ago

1080p matters. It is amazing that it suddenly became less of a concern for some. But then again not every console was designed with gaming as the central focus. Backpeddling on policy does not let you backpeddle on hardware design.


Of course you do not care. All you did last gen was talk up the 360 and how much you enjoyed it and attacked the PS3. You constantly stabbed at the price of the PS3 but ignored the fact the 360 plus seven years of live plus no HDMI on launch models, no wifi ety etc wound up costing far more. At one time you even posted how when MS makes an announcement it is about games. How is that working our for you this gen? In addition you attacked the PS3 for having Bluray that no one wanted. Seems that didn't work out either. Speaking of unwanted hardware, how is Kinect doing it for you?

People should really take a gander at his post history. Start at the end and work forward. You will laugh...not with him...but rather at him.

XBLSkull1414d ago

Anyone who PC games know that res/fps are just two aspects of a games visuals. There are generally 12-20 different graphical settings you can tweak, and the trick is to find the best balance between all of them. You can't just simplify visual fidelity down to just 2 factors. I guess that is the only things a console gamer every really gets to see, and that is why people seem to care, they just don't see the big picture.

DevilOgreFish1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

"Who Cares About 1080P & 60FPS? I Sure Don’t."

If you own a console it really shouldn't matter. Games on consoles can run at those settings, but so long as the developer chooses to optimize for it. even if a console has an immense amount of power, it's still locked.

You get what you pay for, If you have higher standards then you need something that provides extra freedom for you to impose those standards.

guitarded771414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

@ Ripsta7th

That's a flawed argument. Some games have a retro art style. It's the devs decision to use the art styles they use. Hotline Miami on PS4 will use a retro art style, but it will still be 60FPS and 1080p. Art style is different than performance. Sure, larger resources will mean a hit to performance. It's in those games we'd like to see 60FPS and 1080p most.

R6ex1414d ago

Its already 2014! Full HD TVs and monitors have become the standard resolution at 1080p.

If next-gen consoles can't even push 1080p60fps now, it will be freaking ugly when UHD TVs and 1440p monitors & Oculus Rift becomes more popular after 2014.

For purist, PC is the only way to go. I'm one who has happily switched from consoles to PC. For example, I found playing KOA:R on the PS3 jerky, so I bought another copy of the same game for PC. Hell, was I pleased with the buttery-smooth action and relatively more gorgeous visuals on PC!

Once my 9-year-old HDTV dies, I'll get both the Oculus Rift and a reasonably-priced UHDTV. Guess I'll also need an SLI-PC to power those resolutions. Consoles just don't cut it.

Kribwalker1414d ago

If it mattered that much to you, you woulda just kept your ps3 that could do 6 1080p feeds at 120fps

Why o why1413d ago

Ripsta.........Art Style. Hotline miami isn't retro feeling by accident.

mark3214uk1413d ago

for the ppl that say they cant tell the differance,play the last of us remasted its amazing running at 60fps so fluid

Why o why1413d ago

Lol morganfell....... thats some exposure right there.... He's not alone. Teams of hypocrites now scream morality or that it doesn't matter anymore.....LMAO. ..

magnes221413d ago

@morganfell wow you nailed it!

this was my favorite--->

SilentNegotiator1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


1) There's a massive difference between technical aspects and art style.
2) Quit pretending like you bought a Ps4.
3) Stop trying to convince yourself and others that indies are the only thing to play on Ps4. Along with this game, which has a retro art style, there are lots of AAA titles.

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SkullBlade1691414d ago

At least type the phrase properly...

"Could care less" implies that you actually care about it quite a bit.

1886afc1414d ago

Maybe he typed it like that because he does care?

ThePope1414d ago

It doesn't mean he cares about it quite a bit. It does however means he still has room to care less. Or another way to look at it is he he cares, but just a little.

OT: what I find funny is two things:

First is all the people going on and on (and on n4g on) about how much better multi plats are on PS4 have probably never played them on the X1 and only have comparison videos to tell you that there's a difference. The question is does it really matter that much to you? You know I promise you I've enjoyed the multi plats I've played on my X1 as much as the ones I've played on my PS4 (yes I have both, because I'm a real gamer). So why do people care so much?

The second is (and this really cracks me up) the people shouting give me 1080/60 or nothing, are the same people talking about all the indies the PS4 has. If all you care about is graphics, why in the hell do you care if the PS4 has more indies, their inferior.

memots1414d ago

yes you could.

Here how its supposed to go

"I couldn't care less" meaning you don't care, But since many people including you always type Could , well that mean you actually care about it.

Foraoise1414d ago

It's not that you "don't care", it's that you prefer the version with the higher quality haha! If they both came in 720p, (and of course, if it were an amazing game) you'd get it. It's not "Oh, 1080p, or no buy", but rather, "I prefer the higher quality one, over the lesser-quality one."

truefan11414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

The main reason 1080p shouldn't matter as much because very few if any can tell what is 1080p unless they are told. Everyone would have assumed Ryse was 1080p if A Crytek didn't say anything, ps4 fans didn't know kzsf was not 1080p in multiplayer until they were told, people thought initial Watch Dogs ps4 gameplay was 1080 when it was really 900p...

I agree we want next gen to push these games, but people are too caught up in numbers they don't understand.

DigitalRaptor1414d ago

If that wasn't just the biggest crock of horse-sh*t I've ever read.

You can't expect ignorance to trump fact. Just like you can't expect Xbone performance and numbers to trump PS4. At least you try, it's kinda admirable. Damage control is damage control though.

Jumper091414d ago

You should get some glasses then.
I can tell easily the difference between 900p and 1080p.
Stop living in denial.

ziggurcat1413d ago


"The main reason 1080p shouldn't matter as much because very few if any can tell what is 1080p unless they are told."

no. people can tell.

and KZ:SF's MP is still a full 1920 x 1080, it's not upscaled.

MuhammadJA1414d ago

1080/60 is the newest fad for this gen. PC gamers had been rocking 1080/60 since 2008. Let the consoles people have a taste of it.

Clunkyd1414d ago

Yet, people who game on consoles don't care about gaming on a PC.
Gaming on a computer is very unappealing to most console gamers, like myself.

700p1414d ago

Only sony fanboys care about that. They act as if 720P games cant look good. UHH MANY GAMES LAST GEN SAID OTHERWISE.

schnodder1413d ago

"last gen" ... exactly.

darren_poolies1414d ago

COULDN'T!!! You COULDN'T care less!

DeadMansHand1414d ago

Morganfell owned you. Your post history is laughable and a joke.

JDM720921413d ago

I thought the same thing until I played The Last of Us Remastered.

ramiuk11413d ago

good for you .

i care but then again im gaming on a 106" screen so it matters an awfull lot imo.

i know last gens big hitters was mainly sub720p but this gen should be 1080p res accross board imo as standard the FPS aimed to 60,but shouldnt be dropping to around 20 like a few xbone games have .

truegamerkt1413d ago

Don't you mean couldn't careless?

Shadowolf1413d ago

@darx - Hey buddy I hate to break it to you however, morganfell pretty much exposed you. Based on your last-gen comments it would seem the Xbox One is not next-gen quality base on your logic. So now that the tables have turned, your comment that you could careless about 1080/60 is a bit pathetic. I'm not here to get on your bad side but lets be honest here, 1080/60 absolutely matters. If the Xbox One could spit out 1080/60 games at the same clip as the PS4, no Xbox One user would choose to digress on their gameplay's resolution or frame rate.

FanboyKilla1413d ago

@gaming101 lol you must not have heard that ryse won best real time graphics award. its not even 1080p soooooo. lmfao those xbots got the best looking game so far with the award that goes with it. so jokes on you and anyone that thinks 1080p 60fps defines next gen.

lol my wii u hits 1080p 60fps like butter. no one can look at a screen and tell what res it is. now fps, is a different story. this res thing is only a issue because ps4 was doing 1080p, while xone wasnt. so sony ran with it. thing is, xbox one is fully capable of 1080p, and has achieved it.

at least they didnt lie about it like sony. but you couldnt tell killzone wasnt real 1080p? (multiplayer) they lied to you, and you guys mad at the guy who was upset about being lied to. yes, i know the suit is absurd, but no more so than playstation nation turning the other cheek about it. how many other games arent really 1080p? youll never know. and where the fuk was digital foundry then?

i got a ps4 for games. not 1080p 60fps, thats up to the artist not me. i play games. i love them. more than i dislike a company. i dont dislike any of them, just saying. but i hear you guys talk about companies like they fukd ya girl. you should hate me cause i would totally fuk ya girl.

Back-to-Back1413d ago

If you don't care about 1080/60 you don't understand what you're missing. Those 2 are literally game changers for all games.

Kidmyst1413d ago

Why release a new console if it can't improve on the previous gen graphicly? Going through all the years of consoles you would see graphics nearly double or more most gens. If I put $500 into my PC I see graphical differences, we should with the PS4 and Xbone as well. That's why people care.

darx1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Morgan is far from nailing it!! I just like to antagonize and stir the pot! I owned all 3 systems last Gen though not this Gen...PC from here on out!

And wow talk about cherry picking!! Somebody needs a life!

Anon19741413d ago

It's not a deal breaker for me but I'll take it if I can get it.

achmetha1413d ago

i do care about 60fps, but 1080p is just a bonus. 720p60 is my preference at this point.

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Kivespussi1414d ago

I just wish I could get 60fps. Resolution doesn't matter as much. The games look great already, just get them to run at 60fps!!!

Bathyj1414d ago

I think it depends on the game. Everyone goes on about 60fps but most games dont need it as long as its a locked 30fps.

A lot of games, even shooters (I dont play online) need a good draw distance and to be able to pick out details.

Say sniper elite for example. I want to be able to pick targets out from a distance, plus I spend 10 minutes creeping around before I take a shot anyway. If I had a choice of 720p60fps or 1080p30fps for that game I would take 1080p.

I dont think framerate is going to be a problem in Driveclub. As long as its smooth then it does what you think its going to. If its 60 but drops you can never really know for sure when to time a move, at least if its locked 30fps to will get the timing right as well as the extra clarity helping to knock where you are in your environment.

Probably the only game I would chose framerate (again assuming its at least 30 locked) over resolution is a fighter since you really do need split second reactions and draw distance and detail dont really matter.

Vegamyster1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

"Everyone goes on about 60fps but most games dont need it as long as its a locked 30fps. "

Many games during the N64/PS1 era and even last gen ran sub 30 fps so technically you don't even need a locked 30 fps but this isn't 95/96 or 05/06. Literally the only games where a higher frame-rate wouldn't made a big difference are games like Heavy Rain, everything else which requires any kind of precision or moving the camera will benefit.

uth111414d ago

you guys always say that graphics and resolution don't matter as much as 60fps..

But then when Last Of Us Remastered gave us 60fps but had slightly better shadows in 30fps mode, everybody lost their s**t!

CertifiedGamer1414d ago

@uth11 I would rather have my camera moving smoother at 60fps than 30fps with better shadows. Shadows aren't going to make the animation run more fluently.

Lets compare mirrors edge running in 30 fps vs. 60 fps. I can see the difference.

ramiuk11413d ago

if anyone needs to understand the difference between the 2 then they should try last of us on PS4.
turning 60fps off made it so clunky,it was crazy the difference,60fps was so fluid.

Kivespussi1413d ago


What do you mean "you guys"?

Jumper091414d ago

Resolution is as important as a constant locked framerate.

ZAF1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Depends, on consoles i agree that 60fps must be a priority, on PC 1080p and 60fps is a must since you're a lot closer to the screen. (at least in my case)

Gamer7771414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I have trouble telling apart resolution on my tv; but when I'm close to the monitor, contrast between the different resolution is obvious.

MRMagoo1231414d ago

I would suggest getting a better tv, my tv is only a 40 inch bravia and I can sure as hell tell when a game or movie isnt 1080p.

uth111414d ago

I can tell a little, but it honestly doesn't make much of a difference at the distance we sit from the TV. It just looks slightly more blurry.

Darkwatchman1414d ago

1080p and 60fps is very nice, BUT i would prefer a game push more polygons, more effects, etc... on screen at a locked 30 fps and 720p-900p resolution instead of a technical downgrade for 60fps and 1080p

hkgamer1414d ago

agreed because everyone else disagreed.

you have a point, but i dont agree 100%.

it is upto the developer to find the right balance for his vision.

Darkwatchman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Everyone is all of a sudden an elitist. Prior to the release of the ps3 and xbox 360, we were promised 1080p. Most games that gen ran at 720p, sometimes with framerates dipping below 30 and in a few cases with more graphically intensive games, developers opted for a sub-HD framebuffer. I guess you could argue that 60fps is necessary(even though it isn't), but 1080p really isn't necessary at all. Why would you want lower quality textures at 1080p for example when you could have higher quality textures at 720p or 900p? The actual technical prowess of the game's assets is more important than the resolution. We should only start to complain this gen once games run below 720p for any reason. Now THAT is unacceptable.

DigitalAnalog1414d ago

When ND starts to target 1080p/60fps for this generation, then you know how much of a big deal this issue is. Why wouldn't they stick to 720p/30fps with those details you espouse so dearly when it clearly worked for them last generation?

_NotoriousJaee1414d ago

Everybody should be a graphics whore. It's 2014 bro!!!

KwietStorm1414d ago

FPS is hardly about being a graphics whore. There's nothing I wish more than for Destiny to be 60fps. It would feel so much better.

BiggerBoss1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

There's no doubt it would feel better at 60, but it does feel fine at 30. As long as it's steady and there's no drops, I'm perfectly fine with it because of how fun it is regardless of frame rate

_NotoriousJaee1414d ago

We should most defitnely be performance whores :D

Gamer7771414d ago

Resolution is not graphics.

kingduqc1414d ago

Crisper image and smoother response help gameplay and increase my enjoyment. I don't see how wanting a better experience is a bad thing.