Is That Elgato Gaming's New, Unannounced Capture Card In A Leaked Best Buy Ad?

After teasing content creators over the past week about an imminent announcement regarding their new product, it appears a leaked Best Buy ad may have already announced it for them!

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JackOfAllBlades1381d ago

Definitely cool, capture cards are a lot better than software based capture, aside from cost

xX1NORM1Xx1381d ago

That's cool I have the elgato HD it's awesome literally the easiest thing I have ever set up but I can't see YT having 60fps support for a while like for everyone I mean I know they are doing some promotional things in 60fps maybe I'm out of the loop and they already do it if so awesome

TheDude791381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I'm not sure if it's in some form of beta phase or not, but it is apparently coming soon. I've been using the Elgato HD as well, and I love it, but I dig that additional live-stream features (overlays, FINALLY) that are included in the HD60. It seems like a pretty good upgrade.

SpiralTear1381d ago

I use Elgato Game Capture HD for console streaming a lot and I love the device's features, but I stream games through OBS, which allows overlays. I never really liked the first Elgato's built-in Twitch streaming interface (it felt too sketchy and unreliable for me), so that leaves 1080p/60fps as the only selling point for me right now.

I'm gonna wait and see what the early reception is before deciding on this. Right now, there really isn't anything in this new device that the original Game Capture HD can't do (aside from 1080p/60fps and overlays outside of OBS, both of which don't really seem essential yet).

iRobotGaming1381d ago

You have a point, I'm gonna wait to watch all the youtube reviews before running to buy it.

lilmetal1381d ago

Avermedia's ExtremeCap U3 can already Capture/Record in 1080p60, and is already a bit cheaper than the price ElGato's solution is rumored to launch at.
The only problem with the Extremecap is it uses USB 3.0, which is very picky with what it works with.
I have to imagine the HD60 is going the same route as well, due to the bandwidth limitations of USB 2.

SpiralTear1381d ago

Avermedia products, from my experience, are pretty unreliable, especially considering the amount of features and updates Elgato gives their products.