Kombo: The Incredible Hulk Review

Kombo writes: "Just in time for the summer movie, the Incredible Hulk smashes his way back unto home consoles. The eagerly awaited follow-up to Radical Entertainment's excellent Hulk: Ultimate Destruction proved you could make a free roaming incredible Hulk game that is also fun to play. This time, Hulk gets to apply his awesome strength to New York City as he battles the mysterious Enclave and has a final showdown with the vicious Abomination.

If you were looking forward to seeing what a next-gen Hulk game could be like, this game delivers in a big way. Sega has managed to craft a worthy follow-up. Buildings crumple realistically, according to the damage Hulk dishes out. Hulk himself acts like a walking disaster area, complete with subtle touches you wouldn't expect. Jumping through the city creates shock-waves that flip cars over, smash windows, and tip carts. Throw an enemy into a building and its windows shatter. Reinforced metal bends and eventually crumples under Hulk's mighty weight. Ordinary people are flung out of the way as Hulk jogs by, and army tanks become mere playthings as Hulk dispatches them. You can truly feel the amazing power contained within Bruce Banner's alter ego."

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