Watch the PS4 Bring a Salute to the Troops With Road to Greatness

While we play video games in our comfy homes we often don’t think about those that don’t have much time for that, because they’re too busy protecting our well being. Yet Sony Computer Entertainment did think about them, and brought the Road to Greatness tour to Fort Riley, Kansas, home of the famous “Big Red One” 1st Infantry Division.

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Eonjay1502d ago

Sony's ground game is amazing.

MasterCornholio1502d ago

I agree. This makes me very happy.

amiga-man1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Well This is great stuff by Sony bringing gaming to the troops.

MS didn't seem to care

uptownsoul1502d ago

Best YouTube video of any of the big 3…BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!

Potnoodle9991502d ago

Lol its interviews like this that make you realise just how stupid microsoft were being. People easily forget, but I never will. It will take years for me to respect them as a company again after the crap they threw at me and other gamers last year.
Such an embarrassment, they are starting to turn it around but they can eat dirt for a few years as far as i'm concerned.
Just like sony did at the start of last gen.
I wish them luck, there gonna need it :)

FamilyGuy1502d ago

How thoughtful, they brought the game bus and a concert. That's admirable to say the least.

Christopher1501d ago

@amiga-man: MS last generation had 360 centers set up with kinect so soldiers could see and communicate with their families.

Both companies do things at different times. But, it's wrong to say that neither do anything in this regards since they both have a history of doing it.

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Magicite1502d ago ShowReplies(1)
ground_beef1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Man, I really don't wanna seem like a fanboy or troll, but this move by Sony is just amazing. Talk about respecting your fans, and thanking the people that defend their country to keep others safe. Just great. Sony is on a hot streak right now, it seems like they can't do any wrong.

smt_Nocturne1502d ago

Anyone else saw new PS4 UI @0:51 ?

DragoonsScaleLegends1502d ago

Those are kiosk setups which usually have custom type ui from sony.

ScottyHoss1501d ago

No that's definitely it, there's that kind of hidden image behind the blue that matches the one that was leaked. It's the new UI :D

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KakashiHotake1502d ago

I thought this was a major selling point for PS4 during launch. Considering Xbox One originally didn't consider vets with the Always online regional DRM, and their advice was to get a 360. They made PS4 look more appealing without Sony doing anything.

ThePope1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The army has the internet. The navy has the internet. Just because you're in the armed service, doesn't mean you don't have internet. Deployed is another story.

But dont sit here and act like MS was like "lets make the X1 have DRM so the troops can't use it, well really stick it to them good."

Yes Don Mattrck said get a 360. And if you honestly believe that was because he really felt that was the best way to do it then you also believe Sony wanted people to get a second job to pay for the PS3

And on a side note; a vet is a former member of the armed forces. If they don't have internet that's their choice. Turn your brain on.

DigitalRaptor1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Well dude, he is still pretty on point.

There's a lot that Microsoft didn't consider when pushing out their Apple-esque vision to try and dominate the market with a system that looked like it had more to offer from a non-gaming standpoint, than every console has offered for games previously and ever since. Or maybe they did consider them, but decided the bottom line was far more important than being pro-consumer and gamer-focused.

It was unequivocally anti-consumer practices that were decided upon years in advance by people who are supposed to understand gamers and the industry they're in, and they had years to decide whether they were making the right considerations. Turns out they had it all wrong, but they still thought that the consumer was wrong for complaining about anti-consumerism.

Spotie1502d ago

Stop it, man. You knew damn well what the intent was.

The point is: despite being heavily favored by our overseas troops, Microsoft introduced a system those same soldiers couldn't use while deployed. And their response to related concerns being expressed was embarrassing.

Almost as embarrassing as you trying to excuse them for it.

LordMaim1502d ago

You're right. Microsoft didn't say "lets make the X1 have DRM so the troops can't use it, well really stick it to them good."

They said "we'll make enough money this way to offset any customers we'll lose in the process" They didn't want to piss off the troops specifically, they just didn't care. Luckily the customers stood up and said "not a chance", or we'd have to live with that.

ThePope1502d ago

I love all the "anti consumer" crap I hear about companies. Guess what the ones that aren't here to make money can't be around. They thought it was the direction the business was headed (which it is). All digital that is the future they saw, and wouldn't you know it even this early in this gen we are already seeing a huge move to digital. I guarantee you MS was like "see told you" and Sony was like "well what do you know, people don't care that much about physical media."

And to all those typing how much you love discs, I don't care, so stop. The facts are still the facts digital has grown a ton in a very short time.

amiga-man1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Spot on Lord Maim, MS wouldn't let things like poor internet get in the way of their greed they wanted control of gaming and gamers flipped them the finger, giving MS the same answer MS gave to the troops.

The Pope prefers to live in denial and call it anti consumer crap, but fails to mention it wasn't wanted or needed as has been shown because guess what people can still go digital or buy a hard copy it's called choice something MS wanted to take away, luckily most gamers are smarter then the likes of Pope and bought a PS4.

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SlavisH21502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

stop the fangirl crap m$ has done alot of help for us with USO and grants. grow up or do research! Dont turn something positive into something negative. Its tasteless.

TheFallenAngel1502d ago

I agree. Some soldiers were complaining about that. I see that Sony is putting a lot more marketing in playstation division. Maybe because is one of the few divisions making them money and one of the most popular at the moment.

jaymart2k1502d ago

Remember how Xbox One originally wasn't gonna work for the army due to DRM?

Microsoft Quote: Buy a Xbox 360

MasterCornholio1502d ago

Don't was an ahole for saying that. He had no respect for our troops when he did.

TRD4L1fe1502d ago

how would it not work, they do have internet service on base. Now if they are overseas in combat then that's a whole different issue because the internet service over there will never be good enough for any online gaming.

equal_youth1502d ago

but do you think the inet on the base could handle the cloud? i think if just 2 -3 guys in one base would use it the hole connection would be highly overused.

Mega241502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I used to play World of Warcraft with Active Soldiers, and their internet wasn't always 100% up. Most of the time they we're laggin behind for full 3 to 4 secs during dungeons and raids.

Lost a lot of friends from WoW in Afghanistan and Iraq. You knew it was bad news when they didn't log in after 2 weeks.

PR_FROM_OHIO1502d ago

That was pretty awesome for Sony to do that!!!

funkybudda1502d ago

Kudos to Sony, even on a publicity/promotion stunt they are out-doing MS. Good job.

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