Loot-Ninja Review: Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures

Loot-Ninja writes: "Growing up, I was a huge fan of Legos. I would always get in trouble for putting them in sexually suggestive positions. Hey, if the king of the castle wanted to show his dominance to a lowly serf, well, thats not my place to stop him. Outside of perverted, plastic puppet shows, Legos are now back in the mainstream and the latest Lego masterpiece is the Adventures of Indiana Jones. Fans of this series span generations and this game does the same. Young and old alike will spend hours as you relive your favorite moments from the trilogy.

Fans of Lego Star Wars will feel right at home and will be surprised by some new additions and new fans will be instantly hooked. The great thing about the Lego series of games is that you know exactly what you are going to get: A fun adventure that is not so much about finishing the story, its the good times you have while playing through it. Don't expect mind blowing graphics here. The game is very polished and very simple. The character models look amazing, but they do look like Legos, which are themselves simplified character models. Most of the environments are good, but attention was spent on the characters and not on the background as much as most would have liked. In some occasions, you will notice screen tearing, especially when a lot is happening on-screen."

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