The Evil Within’s ESRB Rating Describes Some Really Gruesome Scenes

The Evil Within is a bloody game, and today the ESRB published its quite obviously Mature rating with an appropriately bloody description, that depict some really gruesome scenes.

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Meltic1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Cant wait for this game to play with my ps4 headsets. Im going to be scared but its funny

equal_youth1347d ago

thats the right way! with headphones plugged in. i loved outlast for the scares it gave me and now i am enjoying the last of us with headphones. pure awesomeness :D

JackOfAllBlades1347d ago

I can't wait for VR first person horror

Meltic1347d ago

lol why did i get disagrees ?

King_of_Nothing1347d ago

Because you expressed excitement in your post. Excitement/fun/happiness is forbidden at N4G

Volkama1346d ago

Because everybody knows you are too brave and handsome to ever get scared. "Heroic" is the term that usually gets thrown around after the mention of your name.

Enemy1347d ago

Probably my most wanted game of the year.

Benjammin251347d ago

Me too. This, Hotline Miami 2 and Alien Isolation are the three big ones for me this year.

XXXL1347d ago

Can't wait till October. Perfect for Halloween

equal_youth1347d ago

i have so high hopes for it and for me its like a roller coaster ride with this game. Every now and then i read something that is totally bashing upon it and then i see some gameplay and think to myself this is so much epic spookiness in there i need it now! but time will tell and i will just get it and see for myself before somebody fogs my mind ^^

Volkama1347d ago

The xbox e3 video for this game was people's reaction to the horror scenes in the game. Made it look like it went for proper hammer horror gruesome, rather than anything with any intellect or quality behind it.

Hopefully the game offers a bit more than cheap shocks though.

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