HD Remastering Should Be Reserved for Classics

The recent confirmation of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition brings up a number of serious questions.

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ValKilmer1466d ago

Except that Sleeping Dogs is a bonafide classic.

equal_youth1466d ago

i don't think it can or will benefit from the power of the new consoles maybe a better resolution and steady 60 frames but no better textures or better lightning but this is just me guessing.

cleft51466d ago

I can't speak for anyone else, but I really loved Sleeping Dogs. I wasn't expecting anything going in, but after playing it I fell in love with the game. It was a fun game, with really good characters, voice acting, and a surprisingly good story. Sleeping Dogs was very well done and if this will make it possible for a sequel than I am all for it.

OrangePowerz1466d ago

Did you play the PC version with the high res texture pack? They should be able to port the PC version mostly 1:1 to the PS4 and X1.

NukaCola1466d ago

The terms Reboot, Remake, and Remaster are not properly used anymore. Sometimes it's just a polished port people.

Dasteru1466d ago

Highly praised and classic are not the same. Sleeping Dogs is too new to be a classic. For a game to be considered a classic, it has to be atleast 2 gens old.

marioJP871466d ago

Tell that to naughty dog for the last of us. Possibly the most pointless so called remaster. The game isn't old at all. I say all remasters should start from Xbox/ps2/GameCube generation.

SINISTERGENESIS1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Honestly considering anything a classic is nothing but an opinion... I for one believe ( my fave game of all time btw ) is MGS on PS, but I know people who don't like MGS so it wouldn't even be close to a classic for them. It breaks down into categories just like music does, there's mainstream and there's underground etc. hell I mean there's people who are on the GOW article saying it sucks blah blah blah but to me I'm like you must be out yo damn mind if you think GOW sucks ( Kratos should rip their head from their shoulders lol ).

Another factor that also plays into it is the non backwards compatibility issue for people like myself that traded their PS3 for a PS4. Not everybody has the money to keep all their systems or people just might not like to keep their old systems, who knows. Like I said though it's all opinion and in mine they should've made the consoles backwards compatible ( BTW I also know the reasons why they didn't ) but hey I can't have my way all the time and that's just life... ;)

BattleAxe1466d ago

The way that things are going this generation, I wouldn't be surprised to see HAZE remastered...

lsujester1466d ago

I'd prefer Fuse reverting back to Overstrike. That looked interesting, Fuse came looking dull, even with the cool weapons.

NiteX1466d ago

I sure as hell would. First off Free Radical would have to rise from the grave.

Dasteru1466d ago


Crytek owns all of Free Rads IPs now.

BattleAxe1466d ago

@ Dasteru

Ok, now that we've got that figured out, you can start sending Crytek e-mails demanding a remaster of Haze.

@ ValKilmer

You contact Insomniac, and take care of things on that end.

Let's reconvene once the two of you have completed your tasks.

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Gotcha51466d ago

Only played Sleeping Dog demo but now having the chance to play the next gen version I'm look forward to it.But want to see classic like Jet Li: Rise to Honor or Chow Yun Fat: Stranglehold with better frame rate and graphics.

vork771466d ago

Sleeping dogs is made to look next gen

mochachino1466d ago

To some people Sleeping Dogs is they're favourite open world game of last gen.

It was actually a great game, and much better than Watchdogs in the story and driving mechanics department.

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Nitrowolf21466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

If there's one game I really want HD Remastered from last gen, it's Red Dead Redemption and Revolver

LAWSON721466d ago

While playing AC4 yesterday I was thinking the same thing.

RedDeadLB1466d ago

Hell yeah, Red Dead Redemption deserves a next-gen release.

-Foxtrot1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I honestly don't mind if it's a game which just came out last year, is a classic OR is a highly rated game which people want. Sleeping Dogs however is none of them.

For me I would like to see

Game from Last Year - Puppeteer since not many people got to play that. It went unnoticed in my opinion

Classic - Max Payne and Max Payne 2 because I feel that Max Payne 3 was anything but a MP game and I want some MP goodness

Highly Rated Game - Uncharted trilogy where Drakes Fortune looks good as Uncharted 3.

mikel10151466d ago

The only problem is that those selections are so opinionated that any game could fulfill them.

Highly rated to me could be 80 or above, 90 to another, or 95 to another.

Classic is any game that anyone grew up with, so obviously it's going to vary to pretty much every old game that had any sort of appeal.

Game of last year- Let's remaster Ride to Hell because it came out last year, didn't it? Any game that came out a year before wouldn't be a bad thing to be remastered, right?

-Foxtrot1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Highly rated...WHICH people want I said

Classic...everyone can agree on some classic games. Highly rated, sought after ones.

Game from last year would obviously be the good ones, not shitty ones like Ride to Hell.

I think your looking into what I said above too much. Obviously I don't mean any old game willy nilly.

LAWSON721466d ago

That is your opinion my opinion is Sleeping Dogs is a hit from last gen that got overlooked and just like your pick for Puppeteer.

-Foxtrot1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Difference is Puppeteer only came out last year the same time as the PS4 came out.

Sleeping Dogs has been out for a while so more people have had the chance to play it.

That's why I chose Puppeteer, that and it did well with it's reception making it a solid choice to get a second shot.

LAWSON721466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

@ foxtrot

It really does not matter. You are simply stating your opinion on what games qualify to get remasters, whether it came out last year or 20 years ago is irrelevant. It all comes down to replaying or finally playing a game on current and relevant hardware something you can't do with Sleeping Dogs. This game gets another chance to get fans and I am for it because the game will have an opportunity to get a sequel and not only that a successful one

Spotie1466d ago

Your opinion is your own, but it routinely sucks. Who are you to decide what games fit those criteria for anyone but yourself?

Maybe you didn't like Sleeping Dogs, but it has something of a cult classic status within the gaming community. Apparently, the demand was high enough to warrant a remaster.

Whether you agree or not is extremely irrelevant.

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Ultr1466d ago

I only came here to say that this title is totaly dumb and I am not going to read this article.

hulk_bash19871466d ago

I love how these people complaining act like it's some how a bad thing for these remastered games to exist. If you're not interested in it then don't buy it, simple as that.

LAWSON721466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

People like to think these remasters take away too much resources and is the reason why all these big games take so long to make. They don't want to accept these big ambitious projects take a lot of time to make, devs and publishers have to keep their IPs alive and relevant as long as possible and same goes for their name, or else these big new sequels may not be the big success they were hoping for.

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