Remastered Games: Where Is the Line?

"With the new generation of consoles finally settling in, it seems we can finally put down the games of the previous generation for new experiences. With the absence of backwards compatibility, and games for that matter, it seems developers want to polish their games up a bit and re-release them to make a few bucks. Is this good or bad for the gaming industry?"

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DonDon1437d ago

Yeah to be honest I bought TLOU remastered just because I knew that multiplayer community would shift there. And in a week ND announced that the ps4 multiplayer spiked higher hits than did ps3 already. Plus everyone with a ps4 shouod have a mic. Had it not been for that, I would not have paid $50 just to have to re-ea4n old trophies again. I already had season pass on ps3 so nothing new was in ps4 version for me.

Now Sleeping Dogs is getting a remastered version -_-. Time that could have been spent making a sequel or spin-off. They could have just put Sleeping Dogs on PS Now if people wanted to play it on ps4. Why spend a budget on a remake when they could have made new games that we need in this drought?

GiggMan1437d ago

I don't mind remastered games as long as it doesn't take from the development of other products.

I missed out on a lot of games last gen. Tlou (which was brilliant on PS4), GTA5, and sleeping dogs.