Metro Developers Defend Decision To Charge Money For Remakes Because Duh, Stop Whining

Hardcore Gamer: They put in time making a product, giving you the definitive version of their game, and you will have to buy it to play it. That's just sort of how this works.

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Activemessiah1442d ago

I already have the original on PC so I'm good with just that really... will wait for the next proper Metro.

DonDon1442d ago

Yeah why not just charge us for sequels instead of cashing in on remakes during a drought? This trend looks like there is no end in sight until 2015. This has to stop. 1080p and 60 fps won't make it play/look that much better if it is just a mere port.

Letthewookiewin1441d ago

These remakes are most likely going to fund the new Metro. I for one can't wait. My PC couldn't play the first one and I played the second on PS3. So I'm going to be able to play these how I wished I could have. Also though this will probably be my last remaster purchase for a while because of all the new games coming in Sept and on.

Eldyraen1441d ago

I bought 2033 redux as I think it will be worth it (half price since own them on Steam).

However I didn't see the need of picking up LL again as already own all the DLC as well so it is mostly just for people that never played it yet (imo).

Oschino19071441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

They have upgrades to LL also but 2033 is getting the biggest changes. If you were totally happy with your experience with LL though I can def see your reasoning for not rebuying.

I am getting the physical Redux PS4 version so I can loan/trade with friends and family after I beat them. I have had interest in the series as a Fallout fan and this will be a great way to experience the two games in all their glory, polished and perfected.

Been messing with LL since I got it through PS+ (was close to buying it new but was occupied with other games.) but decided to not finish it since the Redux announcement. Love trying to play non lethally against humans.

MSBAUSTX1442d ago

I like this because I didnt get to play the orriginals. So now I get to and remastered at that. So, hell yes they should charge for them. You think they just snapped their fingers and it was remastered. It takes a lot of work and the marketing and production of the game are labor intensive and takes time. All of those things cost money and they should be paid for their delivery. Simple as that. I will be buying this one for sure.

HanzoHattori1442d ago

I haven't played any of these games either. As for the people who rant on about remakes being cash grabs and rip offs; I have truly come to believe that there are people who will complain about anything and if they can't find anything to complain about, they'll probably start arguing with themselves.

theXtReMe11442d ago

I'm with both of you guys. Remakes are great for people who didn't get a chance to play the original games on the system they came out on. I'm one of those that missed the last 2 to 3 years of last generation due to burn out. So these remakes of these great games I didn't get a chance to play, are like a brand-new title to me. On top of that, like a final generation, best of the best version of those games.

I think the people that complain are under the impression that they are using valuable resources that could be spent bringing a brand-new game out... Instead of working on these remixes. But, they really aren't. They put a small team to the task of upgrading the visuals and getting everything running decent, while including DLC or anything else that was released post launch on the last gen system's. Giving people who didn't play it and fans of the original game, the best version of that classic title possible. I'm not really sure why this irritates some people so much. But, as you said, some people will complain about anything just to hear themselves complain and others will join them just to be part of the opposition.

I cannot wait to see how good GTA V is.

MSBAUSTX1442d ago

LOL I agree. It is true that if there is nothing to complain about externally people will complain internally.

Chevalier1441d ago

Also Metro 2033 never was released on PS3 so for people who own PS4 Metro 2033 would be the first time it was released on a Sony system.

Julion07151441d ago

You are right. If you played it already and not interested then don't bother with it just ignore it let those who haven't played it or enjoyed it enough to buy it again be happy with its remastered release

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Muzikguy1441d ago

I've bought a few remakes. I think they're great. Obviously you can have too many. I think a lot of the complainers think they're being milked or something. Remakes you often get more than one game or 3 games in one plus any DLC (sometimes). People seem to want things for free or next to nothing. I don't have a big gaming budget and Plus has given me lots to play

Wyesvin1442d ago

Even though I have both Metro 2033 and Last Light I'll be buying the Redux just because they put a lot effort into it.

BLUEKNIFE1442d ago

agree. no mater if you have the game or not, everybody should buy it because the effort put into it.

kurruptor1441d ago

Really? If I already own the games.... I should buy the new ones just because they made them?

What's the logic in that?

Stenmark1441d ago

Same here.4A deserves it.

700p1442d ago

Even though i cant stand remasters. This and MCC are the only games id consider buying.

Spotie1441d ago

Not surprised that you'd slam TLOU for being a remaster but be excited for Halo.

Stenmark1441d ago

But TLOUR doesn't add anything new on the table.Basically same graphical fidelity and game.

You can't tell the same for Redux and MCC.

700p1441d ago

I didnt mention your logic im slamming GTAV as well.

Ashby_JC1437d ago

So not mentioning every remake remaster is somehow slamming them??

He said what he wants to buy with HIS money. Sheesh

I myself will be getting redux. Im on the fence about MCC.

I played TLOU and IMO I feel TLOUR is just a better looking version of the same game I played on the Ps3.

I never read once that they were tweaking the AI or anything else. It was just a visual upgrade. IMO I feel thats not enough for me to purchase a game I just got last year.

isa_scout1442d ago

These remasters don't really bother me either. just because I may not be interested in rebuying a game I've already played doesn't mean that other people aren't interested in it. It'll only become a problem if/when it hold developers back from creating new games.

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