Everything we know about Hyrule Warriors

A compete guide to the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Wii U game.

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DonDon1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

They should have put more puzzles and adventuring. I don't know if Zelda fans are gonna warm up to the repetitive Dynasty Warriors type of gameplay. Early previews say there are no decent puzzles. Why use Zelda's I.P. then? Could puzzles, structured dungeons, and more adventuring/discovery hurt?

Why not?

Famitsu gave it high scores but hopefully a demo is released so gamers like me (who tire easily from hack & slash) can try it and decide before getting it. Maybe I'll just pretend it isn't Zelda...

KaladinStormblessed1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

It's isn't zelda, it's hyrule warriors, much like mario kart or smash broa, a game that contains characters from and already existing I.P. So gameplay should be different from what we're all used to in zelda. While I'm not saying it's a great game we shouldn't write it off because it doesn't follow the conventional zelda formula. I personally think that it's a game to add a bit of something new for zelda fans, and of course to being in zelda fans to the dynasty warriors games mostly through nostalgia, Leave the puzzle solving to the Legend of Zelda and the action packed adventure to hyrule warriors.

DonDon1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

U say to leave the puzzle solving to the main series. All i'm saying is that it couldn't hurt to ALSO have it in this game. Even if they didn't have puzzles, fine whatever. But hack & slash games like Dynasty Warriors are rarely worth $60 in my opinion. It needs something more--like adventuring or puzzles WHILE hacking away at enemies. I like beat-em-up games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising Reveangance because u do MORE than just swing swords around at weak mindless enemies all day. Dynasty Warrior games tend to be a bit mindless. So a puzzle and s9me roaming/discover would have balanced it out--whether it had Zelda characters in it or not. Dynasty Warriors is in dire need of innovation, and they could start by adding multiplayer co-op.

I'll skip this. Not because it isn't a "true" Zelda, but because Dynasty Warrior games have always been shallow and void of any real reason to play beyond the first innitial days of owning them. I was hoping this game would fuse something extra into the monotonous, non-skill-demanding gameplay of the Dynasty series.

What's wrong with that? I'm not dissing anyone for buying it. But I'm simply stating the reasons why I'm hesitant to get it for my new Wii U. Sorry for not being a mindless drone who buys cash-in products just because they have my favorite characters as skins, yet offer shallow gameplay of a subpar, monotonous hack & slash bargain-bin franchise like Dynasty Warriors. I wish Aounuma had worked with them even if just a little, to throw in some kind of adventuring that blends well with such a fast paced battle engine. Dynasty games have no replay value. I'm not made of money, so this is my reason for skipping it. Maybe they might flesh it out more in a sequel.