Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited PS Vita Review | VitaBoys

Adrian Rubio from the VitaBoys goes in depth into Disgaea 4 on the PS Vita.

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Rob72741411d ago

Can't wait!
Day 1 purchase.

3-4-51410d ago

Getting this tomorrow for sure.

HentaiMasterRace1411d ago

This will be my first in the series. Can't wait!!

Scatpants1410d ago

Got mine coming from Amazon tomorrow. Really liked the last one. This one is supposed to be much better.

Soldierone1410d ago

Super excited to get this game. I spent so much time on the last one, it was the first game that made my Vita die while using it haha

DarkOcelet1410d ago

It looks interesting , i never played a Disgaea game Before , i think am gonna like it .

Scatpants1410d ago

Just stick with it. There are like a million gameplay mechanics in the game and they aren't really explained very well(at least if it's like part 3). After you figure it out it is super fun though.

Scroticus1410d ago

Usually you won't have found/figured out/unlocked several things until about the third or forth playthrough. And even then, there's still more! Disgaea is an amazing series, easily put over 200 hours in.