Anti-Aliased: It will all be fine in ten minutes

Colin Brennan of Massively writes: Back in the day when a 500 Mhz processor was fast, we were lulled into these weird online universes with multitudes of golden tongued promises. "Play online with thousands of others!", "Make a hero and save detailed and vast worlds!", and, my favorite, "Live in an persistent universe where your actions will have long lasting effects!"

Certainly, two of those promises have come true. Our worlds are traveled by thousands upon thousands of users daily, and the characters we have created are truly the stuff of legends who have saved these vast worlds countless times. But the one thing that has still eluded us all this time... persistence.

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mariusmal3814d ago

very interesting article. has some good points but.

Kakkoii3814d ago

Very good article..

Don't be swayed by the title people.. It's a very interesting read. And touches on some serious points that a lot of people blindly ignore.