Battlefield 4 – Check Out The Amazing “Through My Eyes 2″ Cinematic

YouTube outfit The Two Scotsmen are back with another jaw dropping cinematic from Battlefield 4 titled "Through My Eyes 2".

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Project_Storm1504d ago

Gotta say. This was nicely done.

the_mack_attack31504d ago

Epic would be a worthy word lol!

MSBAUSTX1504d ago

Amazon has this game for prime members for only $28 shipped to my front door on XB1. Is it worth it to buy it for that price? I have heard there were problems with the game but I have also read they have patched it a lot to make it better. If that is the case, is it a good buy now as a shooter? Is the Campaign good for that price? I appreciate anyones feed back.

Minute Man 7211504d ago

Sometimes it runs smooth and sometimes it doesn't. Just finished playing on PS4 and had some hit detection problems throught my games

dillhole1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I say get it. As much as I love to bitch about its problems, I still love the game. Sure it isn't completely fixed and every so often it is unplayable but it's more like 1/10 servers now rather than 8/10 like it was before. Can't vouch for X1 though as I have it on PS4.

edit: Oh the campaign sucks ass. If that's what you want it for then forget it. Not too many glitches but it's the most predictable, middle of the road experience you could possibly hope for.

the_mack_attack31504d ago

Dillhole got it on the head, it has some nagging problems but is worth going through for some epic gameplay!

MSBAUSTX1504d ago

So is the campaign worth it though. I like online play but not near as much as story and gameplay through single player. Is it worth $28 for the singke player? Dillhole says no but what about you?

TotalSynthesisX1504d ago

Yes. The multiplayer still isn't perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than it was at launch. Just prepare yourself for the rage-inducing XM25 Airburst and M320 LVG.

As for the campaign... meh. It's not bad but it's nothing that will blow your mind. If you only want the game for the campaign, then $28 is asking far too much.

DFray9191503d ago

YES BUY IT! love this game! runs ok for me!

famoussasjohn1503d ago

Campaign - not particularly, but they do have gun unlocks after playthroughs. MP - definitely. It's addictive. I'd say $28 is more than a fair deal. It's also free on PC until the 14th on Origin. It's a trial though so it won't be able to be played after that date unless you buy it.

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SolidDuck1504d ago

No the the story mode is the weakest part of BF4 and I think the weakest in the battlefield series.

the_mack_attack31504d ago

Totally agree, compared to Bad Company it was woeful!