Killazombies: Become A Famous Zombie Hunting TV Star

Beatshapers newest third person action packed shooter Killazombies coming to PlayStation 4 looks like a lot of fun. Imagine a future where you switch on the television to watch sports and instead of seeing baseball, football, basketball or even racing. You are invited to watch unlucky civilians fighting for their lives in an arena full of flesh eating Zombies.

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EdnaJones971504d ago

This looks interesting with the Twitch interaction should make it fun.

Ripsta7th1504d ago

Sadly alot of ppl will be leaving twitch as their main stream option

lisamorgan41504d ago

This reminds me of Dead Nations, the dreaded feeling of being swarmed by zombies always gave me goosebumps. Trailer looks interesting will have to check this out. When is the release date?

henrythomas2841504d ago

doesn't something like this already out, called dead nations? I see no real difference apart from the hexagon arena tiles that change the gameplay.

danniellelewis1504d ago

This reminds me more of a crimson land than DeadNation.

Frankskint1504d ago

So what if something similar exists? Doesn't mean they couldn't take an existing ideas and make it better. I personally like the idea of the hexagon tiles changing the gameplay and people being able to influence the outcome by the voting system.

Dead Nation doesn't do that.

Rhezin1504d ago

right?! I'll just stick to waiting on Dead Nation 2.

charliewong9801504d ago

This looks sweet.

I really enjoyed the idea of having spectators interacting in gems like outlast did on twitch streaming

Frankskint1504d ago

What is the song on the trailer?