TrendyMatter’s List Of Top 10 Highest Budget Games

Gaming since entering the main stream system has become one of the most profitable investments and there for has encouraged many developers and publishers to go beyond their financial limits in order to create the perfect entertainment

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IHassounah1220d ago

Destiny isn't a 500 million dollars game , the franchise as a whole is 500 million dollars.

dotwithshoes1220d ago

If you wanna argue small tidbits of information, Activison merely stated they were going to put that much into the marketing for the game.

JeffGUNZ1219d ago

No, they did not state they would market it for THIS game. The $500 million mark is set for the next 10 years, how much Activision stated they would invest in the series. That number may change but at the time of the interview, it was $500 million covering 3 games, expansions/DLC and marketing in 10 years.

LAWSON721219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

There is no argument to be had you are wrong. Destiny does not have a budget even close to $500, I know Bungie has said it many times. It said to be for the whole 10 year agreement

dotwithshoes1219d ago

okay then, "For the game series".. one little word and the world goes crazy :)

ATi_Elite1219d ago

Shenmue at $47m for the Dreamcast way back in the day is CRAZY!!!

faddi1218d ago

Yes that shenmue budget is unbelievable if you consider it so many years ago..