10 Classic Games that are also Completely Worthless

DC - "A lot of the time the value of a retro game is directly related to its quality; there’s higher demand for good games so naturally they should cost more. However, there are other factors at play too, for example rarity and desirability. There’s even a few great games that didn’t sell too well, and now there are more than enough copies to go around. Today I’ve gathered ten of my favourite titles that are not only brilliant, but for a variety of reasons are completely worthless too."

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Derekvinyard131354d ago

Gta vice city Low value?. I understand where your going with a list like this but your coming off as a little pompous, it would make more sense to praise them. For example you say you got vanquish for cheap and then say you had low expectations but liked it so how is this worthless. It's not worthless to you if you say you liked it. Oh btw the link is to the website not the actual piece

Rimgal1354d ago

The worthless part is about the price of the games, that we can get this games for a low price today. The author loves this games.

shay1591354d ago

Worthless is a pretty charged word, in honesty.
People evaluate 'worth' in criteria other than simple pecuniary value.
It's simply a poor choice of words.

Rimgal1354d ago

@shay159 Yeah when I read the title and then the article I thought the same thing, is a really poor choice of words for the title.

But whatever, it's not a bad article and it has some good hidden gems in it.

Geoff9001354d ago

I think he was referring to how much you can pick up a copy.

During the SNES, PS era games are and still quite expensive, however the fact there are millions of games selling you pick up 10+year old games for very little, even brand new copies.

Pillsbury11354d ago

I re-bought vice city stories and peace walker for psp because they are classics. The portable vice city's are a marvel as to how they fit the whole vice city world in a portable package.

mrmarvel291354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Same here! Purchased them as well and I'm still impressed with them. Great games!

PurpHerbison1354d ago

"Worthless" was used as clickbait.

MajorLazer1354d ago

Agreed. Author could have easily wrote '10 classic games that are dirt-cheap', but ofcourse such a title isn't quite as clickbait as the current one

Timesplitter141354d ago

A lot of these games are not at all "classic" and a lot are not at all "worthless"

Kiddcarter1354d ago

Should have named the article "10 classic games that are ridiculously cheap" instead of saying worthless. That being said I agree with the author, I remember playing headhunter like crazy, and vanquish is one of the better games of last gen, in fact it's the only game from platinum games that I like, also vice city is my favorite gta as well and that game is far from worthless

MRMagoo1231354d ago

Worthless was used just to get clicks I imagine because if it was an article called best games you can get cheap no one would care.

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