FIFA 15: 10 Players Who Will Definitely Be Over-Rated

WC: "In the interest of charting those patterns, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most likely subjects of over-enthusiastic ratings for FIFA 15."

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Hk85karlsson1499d ago

Ibrahimovic should be over 90.
He´s one of very few who´s actually better than they were the last season. Every time.
AND, he´s over 30. Most strikers gets worse by age.
Ibrahimovic doesn´t, he is the french leagues best striker.

I see him as one of the best of all time. Look at youtube, all of his goals are world class.

SegaGamer1499d ago

Look at the league he is playing in though, it's hard to say if he really is getting better with age.

Yi-Long1499d ago

Exactly. he's a good player, but just look at WHERE he's played. Always for the top teams, surrounded by quality, against much weaker opponents, in mediocre competitions.

If he really feels he's one of the world's best, he should have proven it in the Premier League, or in the Champions League.

The Serie A and Ligue 1 isn't worth much, and obviously it's even easier when you're playing for the best teams, which are always head and shoulders above the other teams in the same league.

He might as well go to Scottland and brag about winning another league-title when playing for Celtic. Wow(!) They couldn't have done it without you... (!)

1499d ago
Hk85karlsson1498d ago

Exactly. If its THAT easy, why isn´t Cavani doing it?
He is the only player who has scored 4 goals in one match against England (I´m guessing one of you are Brit since all this Premiership-talk always comes from you lot).

He has been capocannoniere with 2 different teams in Italy.
He has won the league, with every team nearly every year.
Minus 2 times. in 2012 with Milan, and those Juve titles that were stripped.