Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima Possibly Teases TPP Themed PS4 Case

Hideo Kojima has possibly teased a Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain themed PS4 case. Konami and Sony had released a FOX themed PlayStation 4 during the launch of Ground Zeroes so they may be working on one for The Phantom Pain. However this is an assumption on our part as Kojima did not explicitly mentioned about it.

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ZodTheRipper1440d ago

Hopefully something that covers the whole console and not just half of it.

DonDon1439d ago

Or how about a general release window? Or some footage of MGO? Losing interest.

MegaSceptile1439d ago

Or how about they replace snake with me and call the game MEGA SCEPTILE SOLID :D

EinRobot1439d ago

It has a general release window and kojima has a showing at can't wait a few days for info? Well if that's the case maybe you should call konami and tell them your entitlement issues. Maybe they will rush some info to you.

Agent20091439d ago

Ah, kids these days. The only thing they expect from a Metal Gear Solid game is: David Hayter and MGO.

SmielmaN1439d ago

If he is planning on that then I would like to see it ASAP. I'm debating buying the white destiny ps4 as my second PS4 or sell my day one ps4. If this cover is awesome then I would keep my current one and just put the new cover on.

I'm seriously pumped for destiny. I love bungie and I would rent xbox360's just to beat their halo games (well, after my original broke after 6 mths and I sold everything and switched back to Sony).

WeAreLegion1439d ago

Oh, good. I was wondering when Twitch Plays Pokemon would show up on PS4.

2pacalypsenow1439d ago

Wonder what the premium package will look like , too damn bad I'll have to get it from jp

GrandpaSnake1439d ago

i was really really hoping for a metal gear solid ps4. the ps3 got a nice custom mgs console. at the time they had removed backwards compatibility, the mgs ps3 brought it back with added usb ports and memory card slots it is still sought out to this day. i was hoping for the mgs ps4 to be something more than a cover, my how the times have changed. war has changed.

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