Hyrule Warriors - Skyward Sword Costume Set confirmed for Best Buy pre-order

NE: "A few days ago, news started to emerge about the retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses for Hyrule Warriors. GameStop is offering the Ocarina of Time Costume Pack while Amazon has the Twilight Princess DLC."

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MSBAUSTX1467d ago

This is a bullshit thing to do so close to release since the majority of people have probably already placed preorders with gamestop or Amazon. Well I am not switching now. Best Buy can kiss my ass and Nintendo too for making this deal after so many have already chosen their store of choice. Probably the only reason Best buy bought this deal was because their preorders were low compared to other retailers. I actually buy a lot at best buy, I just dont believe in releasing special incentives to buy from a particular retailer. If I am investing in Nintendo, or any developer really, they should give me the DLC regardless. After all I am supporting them. The retailer should be the only unknown that I get to choose after that. In the end, my game experience wont be ruined because I dont have this DLC. I like the guys at my local Gamestop and will always support them with software purchases. Good day Best Buy and good bye.

Rockefellow1467d ago

I really don't understand it, either. I'm not a fan of pre-order BS in the first place, but at least most developers/publishers have the common sense to let their fans know about this kind of stuff well in advance of the game's launch so they can be picky if they choose.

Now we can all wait patiently for these goddamned idiots to announce the Collector's Edition for North America a few weeks before launch (and probably retailer exclusive) so potential buyers will have to switch our pre-orders one more time. It's really kind of disgusting coming from Nintendo of all places.

randomass1711467d ago

I have a feeling Nintendo is only involved enough to keep the game from making Zelda look bad like the CD-i games. I think a lot of these release decisions are coming pretty much completely from Tecmo Koei because it's pretty inconsistent with any other DLC choice Nintendo has made since they released Wii U.

KaladinStormblessed1467d ago

The majority of people don't actually pre-order that early, The game's not due for another month or so, plenty of time to pre-order it. There are people like you who already pre-ordered it but you're not everyone. Just pointing it out.

MSBAUSTX1467d ago

I can agree with your comment. It would be narcissistic of me to assume my opinion matters most and above all. I have had this happen two or three times lately that after i have been excited about a title enough to jump on a preorder to support the title that something extra has come to a different retailer. I do not think it is right and it should not be tolerated. Even if it is only a few people who do preorder early it shouldnt matter. By the way there a ton of Destiny Preorders and Master Chief preorders already. So more people Preorder games early than I think you give credit for. But Hyrule warriors isnt a halo or amazingly new cross platform IP either. I am just bring up some facts.

KaladinStormblessed1467d ago

You all need to a stop bashing nintendo about this. Tecmo Koei made the game not nintendo, so it's their decision for the pre-order stuff. Nintendo just helped to fund, supervise, and produce the game.

MSBAUSTX1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Nintendo is responsible for whom they support or associate themselves with. If you associate yourself with criminals then most people will assume you are a criminal as well. Nintendo got in to bed with Tecmo Koei and have pushed this hard as a Nintendo game. I didnt see a Koei Tecmo Direct video it was a "NINTENDO DIRECT" highlighting this game recently. So yes they are responsible to some degree because since they gave Koei Tecmo the needed material to make a game to save their asses then Nintendo has the ultimate right to say do not support such cutthroat advertising tactics as this. They are not innocent completely. What you are basically saying is that "guns kill people not that people kill people" when it comes to video game developing relationships. Get real. Nintendo had to have signed something saying Koei Tecmo had the right to do this or it wouldnt have happened. That gives thim a degree of culpability.

randomass1711467d ago

Actually that Nintendo Direct was mostly narrated by the guy who directed the game from Tecmo Koei. Zelda's producer from Nintendo was only in it the end of the video. You are right though, Nintendo is somewhat responsible but I think Nintendo gave Tecmo Koei the rights to do what they wanted with release and content before the game was made. That's just speculation on my part. The preorder stuff is so out of step with how Nintendo normally handles these kinds of things, so I think we shouldn't put the blame on them as much. If there's anyone to be the most mad at it's probably Tecmo Koei for choosing to do it and then Nintendo for allowing it.