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5 Video Game Franchises that Need New-Gen Rereleases

Games like 'Tomb Raider' and 'The Last of Us' have already made the leap to the new console-gen. Here's P3Outrider's list of five other franchises that deserve a rerelease. (Assassin's Creed, Culture, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, The Witcher 2)

KimikoGaming  +   39d ago
Haven't played The Witcher or Knights of the Old Repbulic, so maybe a remake would make me play them.

I would love an "Assassin's Creed Saga" collection for the PS4. Something that could include AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and AC3 all remastered. The other games in the series are either irrelevant, already on the PS4/XBO, or are too recent for this treatment.

Would love an "Uncharted Remastered Trilogy" for the PS4 which would include the game of the year editions of all 3 uncharted games, and maybe even make it Uncharted Remastered Saga by including a complete PS4 remake of Golden Abyss. It would also be a great way to introduce new people to the series in time for Uncharted 4.

As for Morrowind, I would also love a PS4/XBO remake. Though I would prefer a Vita remake, as a handheld TES game would be amazing. But if it is on PS4, I can always just remote play it.
the_dfc  +   39d ago
I think a lot of people are in the same boat as you with The Witcher (and probably KOTOR as well for the younger gamers). I really think remakes of those would draw in a ton of new fans.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   38d ago
I just started the Witcher 2 on 360 and it holds up well.They even take a shot at AC with the main character from it laying face down dead in a wheel barrow full of hay.And the Witcher makes a funny comment about it.Though I can't remember what the exact quote was at the moment.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   38d ago
I don't think any games need it. If you want to play them, you already can on other consoles.
People buy new consoles for new games, not to play their old ones again.
warczar  +   38d ago
Wow, this author really went deep into the videogame history well for this list. In all seriousness though I could go for a KOTOR or Marrowwind remake.
ghostface9  +   38d ago
Series that I want to see remastered for next gen

1) Arkham series
2) Bioshock series
3) Mass effect
4) Gears series
5) Uncharted series
the_dfc  +   38d ago
Arkham would be a great addition to the list! I'd definitely replay all of those.
JimmyDM90  +   38d ago
If TLOU remastered is selling as well as they say an uncharted trilogy remaster could very well be in the cards but my guess is Naughty Dog would have to split the task with another developer or two. Perhaps some of Sony Bend (they did do Golden Abyss) and another small team. 343 is sharing the load of the master chief collection with 3 other studios Blur, certain affinity and saber interactive.
GundalfDeGrej  +   38d ago
No need to make a Morrowind re-release. Skywind is already on its way!
GT67  +   38d ago
Really ??? same sh-it coming to ps4 are we to play last gen games this gen?? so that mean Sony ran out of creativity using ps3 era games . meaning we'll be stuck another 7 FKING years playing Assassin creed,call of duty, Arkham knight , Mass effect, god of war,Uncharted,Battlefield,Last of us,Destiny list go's on........................if this All Sony has to offer no need to rush pick up ps4 not gaming another 7 FKING years playing open world shooter again.
happy with ps3 old school ps1,ps2,ps3 fun.
SNES fun!!!!!
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killer4fun53  +   38d ago
FamilyGuy  +   38d ago
"Sony" didn't write this article you know?
GT67  +   37d ago
it dose not matter if Sony did or not, my point still stands . i personally don't want to play last gen games this gen again .
how many Call of duty clones they "dev" going to make for crying out loud?? are you satisfied playing Assassin creed,call of duty ,Last of us,Destiny , battlefield , god of war, imfamous sec. son etc............ over an over an over an over an over an over an over for another 7 FKING years????? im not happy one bit.
as i stated before "if this all Sony has to offer " i'll hold onto my ps3 old school ps1,ps2,ps3 console 60gb (more selection ) in gaming .

you said " Sony did not write this article " neither did you.
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FamilyGuy  +   37d ago
It sounds like you're placing the blame on Sony. Remasters and remakes exist because people (consumers) ask for them.
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souldestroyer14  +   38d ago
None, not one. Stop it

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