While You Bicker About The Console War, PlayStation and Xbox Executives Party and Have Fun Together

Giuseppe Nelva writes: The console war has never been this nasty before. Generation of insults, personal attacks and childish remarks have finally culminated in the next-gen of pettiness and antagonism in shiny 1080p and butter-smooth 60 frames per second that at times almost manages to make me feel ashamed to be a gamer.

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randomass1711108d ago

They are businesses at the end of the day. Competitive discussions are fun, but when people start acting petty and childish it just makes all look bad. Fanboys doesn't need to stop and go away but the aggressive bullying should.

telekineticmantis1108d ago

Dont rich people always make us look stupid... That's why I demand great service for my dollar, I haven't touched PS NOW, they literally thought they would get impulse buys, how insulting to our intelligence. Just look at the horrible line up of games, it's like 2006 all over again, what happened to Mass Effect, Saints Row 4, Rage, Batman, Infamous, MVC2, Folklore, Lair.

Dirtnapstor1108d ago

Sorry, but once you start throwing in terms like "rich people" etc., you will tend to negate your argument, ringing that entitlement bell...constructive response is what gets heard.

randomass1711108d ago

Trust me when I say I'm not rich lol. I don't get to buy much. I am just really good at saving money and putting it toward a goal. I do agree with you on PS Now prices somewhat though. I think Sony was trying to experiment. I just hope they do a subscription service like onlive.

Volkama1107d ago

When he talks about rich people making us look stupid I don't think he is referring to the fanboys. He is talking about the company execs that propagate the bs and laugh away as lesser mortals eat it all up.

I assume that's what he means anyway, otherwise I don't understand his perspective at all :-)

dcbronco1108d ago

Random fanboys do need to go away. It's one thing to love one thing over another. But fanboys live in denial of reality. Then they gang up on normal people and influence sheep. Expansion of their delusions creates an atmosphere that limits growth in gaming. Even though gaming generates more revenue then music or movies, no one looks down on watchers or listeners. No one discourages a childs desire to be a musician or actor or dancer. But if that same child told their parents they wanted to make video games the would most likely hear "you need to stay in school and get an education.

Fanboys will keep gaming in the social"Dark Ages".

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showtimefolks1108d ago

in a perfect world we would all get along but guess what it will never happen. when people have strong opinions and they feel like only their opnions are right that's when things go south

i enjoy my ps4, won't buy a 2nd console. Not because i hate wiiu or xbox one, but because i barely have time for ps4(wife/kids/job etc,)

i like sony's offerings of 1st-2nd party exclusives more so i have always bought a PS brand console, if someone buys another than there is nothing wrong with that

just get along so maybe once in a while we can actually speak as together as one gaming community when publishers try to take advantage of us, or when we want our voices to be heard loud and clear

usually on n4g, it takes one troll comment from someone who has one bubble, and than it all starts

when there use to be an open zone it was so much better

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Eddie201011108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Just because two people from opposite companies have drinks together doesn't mean that the respective companies don't want the lead in the business.

This definitely wasn't the tune Greenburgh played last generation when Microsoft was ahead. Greenburgh help to create many fanboy arguments.

I think people read too much either way.

Abriael1107d ago

No one is saying they don't want the lead.

They surely do, but they can still respect each other.

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All_Consoles1108d ago

I sit here and party with my ps4 Xbox one and wiiU

MSBAUSTX1108d ago

You and me both man. I actually play my Wii U more than my PS4 and my XB1, but I will never loose having the option to play on any one of them. :-)

Twiggy1108d ago

Mate, you must be minted or something :O

CaspuR1108d ago

i play my wii u more, but i turn on my ps4 more if that makes any kind of sense to anyone

hduce1107d ago

Game on man. I game on all three consoles as well. Currently I game more on the Wii U but it goes in circles depending on the game releases. Some times the PS4 gets a lot of my attention. Other times I am about the Xbox One. My PC gets a lot of love in there too.

iamnsuperman1108d ago

Do you invite people or is it just like a tea party thing :P

Eddie201011108d ago

No, you just invite yourself.

OpieWinston1108d ago

Why would anyone disagree with a guy who just loves playing on all platforms? N4G...You disappoint.

ZodTheRipper1108d ago

You do get the concept of agreeing and disagreeing with something, do you? There's enough room to disagree with his statement for various reasons, it's not like anyone was calling him out on it.

TheRealHeisenberg1108d ago

@ Zod

What could there possibly be to disagree with if a person loves gaming on all platforms? The comment does not say everybody has to. I would like to see the various reasons as to why somebody can't personally love gaming on all platforms. So I guess I'm calling you out.

ZodTheRipper1108d ago

- Someone who does not own one or any of these consoles has a reason to disagree
- Someone who's not enjoying his consoles has a reason to disagree
- Someone who's not "partying" has a reason to disagree
- Even someone who's not sitting has a reason to disagree with the statement

Of course it's idiotic but that's just how it is and how these disagrees came together.

TheRealHeisenberg1108d ago

Ok then. You might as well have said that they can disagree because that function is there.

dcbronco1108d ago

Actually the only reason you could disagree is if you believe he shouldn't own all three. Which is fanboy logic. I don't own all three but agree that he should enjoy what makes him happy.

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redwin1108d ago

I totally agree with something that was commented on the nog, ominous prime: Old school gamers care about the games more than the hardware it's running on. We tend to get most if not all of the consoles and have a decent PC to not miss out on the best games for each platform.
How true that is... Give the man (or girl) a thumbs up.

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MeteorPanda1108d ago

does anyone really that passionate about their consoles? l thought it was more wanting to defend and argue about a common topic than anything really personal...

TRD4L1fe1108d ago

I think to some its personal. like as if the console of their choice is their child, and any negative remarks made towards it makes them fill up with anger

MSBAUSTX1108d ago

You would surprised how many people can be negative and rude when it comes to these consoles. I have tried to be peacable before and say one console is doing great but state what my preference is and people will just blinding support one or the other at the expense of their respect for others. It is sad really. Of course the companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Or at least they will be by the end of this generation since I dont think either one has made enough to pay for their production costs. But I am sure they all will soon enough.

jeremyj29131108d ago

@True_Samurai it happens in both areas. I usually can't get more than 4 comments in before I see a comment from the opposite "team" downplaying what is being said in the article, or just bringing up things that are off topic just to be a troll and start arguments.

Hellsvacancy1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


Do you not remember the comments you've made in the past? slip your mind? you complain about others trolling Xbox articles yet you've trolled Playstation articles

You've been named and shamed before for having double standards

You'll never get rid of trolls, it's kinda human nature, gaming aside I can think of probably 30 other examples of people/cultures that take things FAR too seriously, they even kill sometimes if you share a different opinion

KwietStorm1108d ago


You had to ruin it by saying PlayStation fans. It doesn't matter which platform it is, they're all the same, and PlayStation "fans" are no more biasED than Nintendo, Microsoft, and certainly not PC. It's hilarious when people say ______ fanboys are the worst. There's no type of fanboy that you would rather have a conversation with than another, so there is no generalization like this that is acceptable.

re2_apocalypse1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

@True_Samurai PS fans too serious? I think you need to visit a few other sites; the IGN and Polygon Forums are flooded with Xbox fans taking everything too seriously.

@KwietStorm /applause

CramShaft1108d ago

@Kwietstorm - bubs up for well said.

Being an obnoxious fanboy is not exclusive to any platform. There are plenty on both sides of the fence, just enjoy the games you have on the system you have and let the fanatics fight their war.

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scark921107d ago

More passionate about whats on the consoles (The Games) :D

Twiggy1108d ago

Those who have a certain passion for machines scare me to be severely honest, I prefer my Playstation because of the exclusive games they craft, but having proper arguements over these machines? Nah man.

I'm passionate about video-games that's for sure, but the machines that host them don't truly matter, console war is a very teenage fueled thing, the type of kids you wouldn't hesitate to throw to the sharks haha!