Microsoft At Gamescom 2014: Power of the Cloud, Halo, [email protected], Quantum Break and More

"Depending on who you listen to, Microsoft effectively "won" E3 2014. Despite the fact that every major publisher had significantly good shows this past July (barring you know who), it was Microsoft that stood out the most for the sheer simplicity of its presentation. "

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trywizardo1437d ago

can't wait to see QB and scalebound at action , im super hyped about scalebound . and i hope they will show a trailer or teaser for the next GOW ^_^

gameseveryday1437d ago

We will most likely see Scalebound at TGS. Microsoft would like to show off 3rd party support to coincide with the Japanese launch of Xbox One in September.

Manic20141437d ago

Actually, I think they may show scalebound at Gamescom as they did recently tweeted that teaser image.

GameNameFame1437d ago

Lol cloud power? People keep going at that?

It was proven at this point that it is identical to what dedicated servers can do

DOMination-1437d ago

The Cloud IS dedicated servers

tgunzz1437d ago

I can't wait for gamescom either! Looks to be some fantastic surprises from the xbox camp. I will say, that if MS unleashes BC (with xb support as well as 360)I will lose my mind, I still own Hulks ultimate destruction that I want so bad to play! Looking forward to more cloud tech info, and more IP showcase. Fun times ahead.... Game on.

Gamer19821437d ago

Who cares about cloud tech info really?? People want games dammit! Only fanboys really care about that as they truly think it makes the console more powerful than ps4. Its a nice feature having driveatars but thats all it will probably be used for on xbox (the extent wise not JUST that )

tgunzz1437d ago

@gamer1982, I care about cloud tech info, as well as all info related to the consoles I own (which is all 3). Have you read anything in my comments about who has the most power console (I could care less). If you want to exchange quality feedback with me, I am all for it, but you can save your battle cry for someone else. Some gamers are so used to trolling, that they forget there are gamers on this site who enjoy these consoles, and look forward to their offerings... Game on.

700p1437d ago

Yeah scalebound is a game i wanna know more about, im really interested in it. AND of course QB!

FanboyKilla1437d ago

lmfao at these comments. xone article full of ps fans saying no no no sony. lmfao unless sony pulls some games out there arse, n4g will be a riot during gamescon. it is GAMES CON. my ps4 is for superior ps exclusives only. so you guessed it, its pretty much useless to me untill then. greatness awaits. will be cool to see a glimpse of that ''greatness'' at gamescon, im getting excited.

Major_Glitch1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

@Fanboy Odd. I know the words you're using, but the way you're using them makes no sense whatsoever.
OT: No...seriously...what point are you trying to make?
Really On Topic: I honestly wish MS would stop wasting time, energy, and money hyping up the "cloud" and instead focus on games.

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GutZ311437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

I hope they have some new(IP's) stuff to show.

kreate1437d ago

That'll be great. New ip s are always welcome. (Non-indie)

Sheikh Yerbouti1437d ago

Indies are welcomed too. Don't diss indie games...unless they're bad. LOL. Just got to have a balance.

Dark111437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

They have .. Quantum Break , scalebound , sunset overdrive.
also Lionhead is working on new IP.

arkard1437d ago

I think he means unannounced ips.

OrangePowerz1437d ago

Looking forward to seein some Quantum Break footage.

Galvanise1437d ago

I'd like to know how Microsoft 'Won'. General opinion was that people were disappointed that their new reveals were all CG trailers for games due out in 2016.
Based on forum feedback, Sony's announcement of Bloodborne 'won' them the show.
To be honest, I felt the whole of E3 was rather poor so it all comes down to who was leader of the rats.

OpieWinston1437d ago

Scalebound and Phantom Dust are both games due for 2015 releases...Sure they may be pushed back, Crackdown was the game that's got a 2016 release date expected.

"Forum feedback" My friends and I were just like "Okay Bloodborne", I'm always looking for a challenging game but I find the Souls games to be tedious and just the little leaks of "Project Beast" did nothing but reinforce that.

Microsoft won over Sony on the conferences...But Nintendo had the best showcasing of games.

DigitalRaptor1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

"Microsoft won over Sony on the conferences...But Nintendo had the best showcasing of games."

We already knew almost all of what Microsoft had from leaks, and any dedicated gamer watching E3, would already know about these leaks. It's so obvious that the CGI trailers are 2016 releases buffed up as a part of Microsoft's 2015 lineup, because they needed that perception that they have more games than the competition, REALLY BADLY. They had the 'safest' show by far.

You come to E3 expecting surprises, and Sony had more NEW things to announce that were unexpected in relation to the show. I'd write a list of new games and content that Sony announced but I think I'd be beating a dead horse with you guys, really.

Galvanise1437d ago

Phantom Dust won't be out next year. Scalebound was called 'Project Nagano' which is also internally scheduled for 2016.

Don't get me wrong, having those titles is excellent for Microsoft, but they are further away than most announced games. The furthest away game Sony has announced is Uncharted 4. Everything else is out before March 31st next year.

s8anicslayer1437d ago

PS4 is leading in worldwide sales over the Xone and is killing the competition in weekly sales so put opinions aside and rethink your answer on who "won" E3!

Sm00thNinja1437d ago

The general consensus is Nintendo "won" E3. Microsoft played it safe but was efficient, and Sony while showing impressive titles and wowed with Uncharted was droll and boring with talk of tv. IMO nobody won but Sony was the most disappointing but why show all your cards when all your doing is padding your lead?? Also based on forum feedback this is a site for only Playstation gamers so that explains the infatuation with bloodborne. Anyways this "cloud" talk is getting old for me it's the last chance to prove its viable

Yetter1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

and what happens after 'the last chance?' The XB1 isn't even a year old yet. Using the cloud to off load processing has never been done (on a large scale anyways). I wouldn't expect to see games that really take advantage of this capability until 2016

thexmanone1437d ago

Leave it to a Sony Fanboy to jump into a Xbox one Article. But anyways thank for your opinion, but in my opinion MS won.

Sm00thNinja1437d ago Show
GasTankKiller1437d ago

If this is how MS wins I don't know if I want to be apart of it.

The Xbox brand has been run into the ground by a fool that is now helping run Zynga into the ground. Thank goodness for Phil Spencer. At lest he understands what gamers want and is working to bring back the Xbox brand.

There is a lot of ground to cover before the Xbox brand is back to its 360 glory days.

Developers/Publishers are even feeling the down turn of the Xbox brand. It honestly sucks but its the unfortunate reality. Look how Crytek views sales of the Xbox one. (Lets not start on Crytek because the head guy there needs to be punched in the head for being a moron.)

I see Sunset Overdrive doing well but not as well as it should because of current Xbox One sales.

In the last two months I've had a good number of friends buy a PS4 because of Destiny. This also includes people that already own an Xbox One.

How can MS win with such a large gap in system sales right now? They can't. Halo 5 will be their key driver of system sales, and that's a year from now.

I look forward to buying my custom Halo 5 Xbox One next fall but right now the PS4 is the flag ship for many gamers including myself.

The only thing MS has won is a lot of disappointment.

WeAreLegion1437d ago

You're kidding me, right? Extreme fanboys around here get one bubble and one bubble only. PlayStation. Xbox. Nintendo. PC. They all get down to one bubble because they're ridiculous.

Many of the more obvious Microsoft fans have more than two bubbles. They're respectable posters who just enjoy Microsoft's games more than Sony's or Nintendo's. They contribute to discussions.

It has nothing to do with "sides".

Trekster_Gamer1437d ago

Xbox won… it was ALL about gaming, and games we want to play.

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BX811437d ago

I think Ms won E3 when I look back. Actually everyone did great but nin and ms had the most to gain. I just preferred ms's line up. If you own either of the 3 consoles you'll be in good shape.

Xb1ps41437d ago


Not everyone knew... Not everyone ruins it by looking into leaks I avoid those as much as I avoid spoilers for a game I haven't played..

Sorry you ruined your surprises.

Farmassy1437d ago

what new things did sony show? bloodborne was already leaked. They announced little big planet 3 (big surprise) and that no mans sky would be exclusive (which its not).

microsoft had just as many surprises if not more than sony. I will admit that if the master chief collection was not leaked it would have made their conference one of the best ever. If no one saw that coming it would have been explosive.

Also, I think you might frequent playstation forums, because most people agree that microsoft had a better showing.

MRMagoo1231437d ago

When did no man's sky get announced as exclusive ? The guys said console debut a few times or is that not obvious enough for you that it's not exclusive ? Obvious fanboy is obvious.

mcarsehat1437d ago

Syphon Filter or we riot!

r2oB1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

No Mans Sky is not exclusive because it is on PC, but Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Project Spark are all exclusives even though they are also available on PC. Did I get that right?

EDiT: almost forgot the /s

Farmassy1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

so I have one commenter mad because they never said it was exclusive and another mad because they insist it is still exclusive even if it is coming to PC. Makes no sense...

way to pick out a small point and not grasp the overall point of my comment. I wish you would explain why sony's conference was better than microsoft's (since that is what we were talking about) and not argue semantics.

also, I never said that titanfall and others are exclusives. Don't use your fanboy logic to lock me in with things that others have said. You can't use other people's opinions as my own

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MysticStrummer1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

If which company won depends on who you listen to, as the article states, then that company didn't "effectively" win anything.

I'm not a Nintendo guy at all, but if anyone won it was them. MS and Sony were about even.

Geoff9001437d ago

It's called an opinion, people may or may not agree with it..

700p1437d ago

People were disappointed? So far many xbox fans are excited.

XxExacutionerxX1437d ago

Sonys conference was boring, boring, boring PsNow boring. Microsoft beat theirs by default.

rainslacker1437d ago

Their format was the best I've ever seen in an E3 presentation. The all CGI was a bit of a let down, but they still showed a lot of games and very little filler type material.

Lack of actual game play was the only thing that I was disappointed with, but there were a couple good announcements otherwise.

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DanzoSAMA1437d ago

Thanks Microsoft! can't wait!