Deus Ex Remastered; A Game All Would Buy, A Possible GamesCom Announcement?

Deus Ex. Whenever this game is mentioned, someone reinstalls it on to their computer. This is a gamer meme that started out as a bit of a joke, but it’s probably true. The original Deus Ex is often thought of as one of the best games ever made, and still stands out from the rest of the franchise.

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Abriael1468d ago

"all" is a very big number.

IronFist1468d ago

Bit of an exaggeration, but it would probably do better than any other remaster that is coming out or is already out in terms of sales. I would definitely buy it.

morganfell1467d ago

My problem with the article is this line:

"I’d argue that if there was a remaster announced, it would more than likely be Deus Ex: Human Revolution Remastered rather than the original Deus Ex."

Yet the writer spends the entire article proposing a remaster of the original? That is simple hit mongering and dishonest journalism. His/her/its entire basis is the Sony GC Teaser that uses music from DE:HR yet for the sake of clicks he/she/it asks if we could see a reveal of the original remastered at Gamescom.


And yet people wonder why shoddy attempts at journalism are so readily eviscerated.

FullmetalRoyale1467d ago

Those in glass houses Abe. Should he have included the word "stunning", and made sure to fit in "1080p" perhaps prefaced by the word "glorious?"

Glass houses.

nirwanda1467d ago

7 billion in sales confirmed.

aLiEnViSiToR1467d ago

7.2+ billion and counting, babies and elderly will love it :D

I would get Deus Ex Rematered for sure also and if this is true then Half-life 3 will be confirmed soon, just imagine all the GREAT games from the past that can be brought back to the present day with today's graphics but i guess this would have a down side since there would be little interest for new IP games...

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Hellsvacancy1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Deus Ex announcement at GamesCom? please be true, there isn't many games i'm that passionate about but Deus Ex is one of them

We should see more remasters of older games like Deus Ex, Half Life, "Populous The Beginning" there's sooo many timeless classics that could be brought back to life for a new generation

gaffyh1468d ago

I've never played Populus but my friend would always recommend it to me, might need to check it out

Hellsvacancy1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

It's my favourite game of all time, and I don't even know why, other than I think it's GREAT, it's the music, it hypnotizes me, everytime I play it I smile

I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't a graphic whore

SaveFerris1468d ago

Syndicate and Powermonger too!

MSBAUSTX1468d ago

If you want an awesome Deus Ex experience in HD then play Human Revolution Director's cut on Wii U. It looks amazing and is an awesome game. I would buy a remaster of the orriginal in a heartbeat if they make it.

Vladplaya1467d ago

Human Revolution was a good game no doubt, but it still can't out match original Deus Ex.

Also there is no fking way your Wii U will make any game look better than my gaming PC.

MSBAUSTX1467d ago

Youre absolutely right man. I am not ignorant enough to ever think a console game would look better than its PC version. But Deus Ex Directors cut looked really good on Wii U for sure and was really fun. I can only imagine how good a remake of the orriginal would look on PC because I know it would look good on console. I remember playing return to castle wolfenstein on console and then playing it like a year later on PC and was amazed that at how much more crisp it looked.

superherox71467d ago

He never said it looks better than your or any pc, feeling a bit insecure aren't you?

B_Rian891467d ago

I never played the first Deus Ex, but Human Revolution was great. It was my GOTY for 2011. I would definitely buy a remastered version of the first one

PaleMoonDeath1467d ago

Don't hack me to death, but I was never fond of this series.. would probably give a remaster a shot, but if memory serves it wasn't all that impressive.

TheWow1467d ago

No problem lol. People need to realise that games are subjective just like anything else, so just because Deus Ex was loved by many it doesn't mean it will be loaved by all.

PaleMoonDeath1467d ago

I agree dude, I played the first one way back, and the more recent one I played while at a friends place, couldn't get in the zone.

If a remaster would appear on the scene, I'd most definitely give it the time of day, many folk adore the series, I guess I just want a piece of the pie haha!

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