Big PS4 Announcement Coming at a Game Show from Major Developer According to Kadokawa Honcho

Former Famitsu Editor in Chief and Kadokawa and Enterbrain head honcho Hirokazu Hamamura is one of the men best positioned to be in the know of what’s going to happen in the Japanese gaming industry, and yesterday he held a special seminar at the YouTube Space Tokyo in Roppongi Hills as part of the the YouTube Gamers’ Day event.

During the seminar Hamamura-san teased a big upcoming PS4 announcement.

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ZodTheRipper1294d ago

Dragon Quest would be nice but Gravity Rush or Persona would be even better. But I'll take anything, just release it in the west as well.

Abriael1294d ago

Mmmh gravity rush 2 is probably more suited to a PS Vita title.

In any case, from the wording he used, it definitely seems a third party.

ZodTheRipper1294d ago

You're right, the best bets are probably Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest. I would certainly welcome both on PS4.

bouzebbal1294d ago

no hype until i see what it is..
i'd love me some next gen Maximo from Capcom

guitarded771293d ago

With such detailed speculation as "a game will be announced at a game show", how could it not me one of these games. /s/s/s

equal_youth1294d ago

i want persona 5 so badly on ps4 but i doubt it will happen :(

DonDon1294d ago

There's always Playstation NOW for ps4. If they ever get that pricing right.

equal_youth1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

@DonDon. i think i will just put it in my ps3. I will keep it including my library for it for the rest of my life or so ^^

@Kappa MIckey: I think this will not happen as much as i know studio gibbli has closed doors a few days ago :/

Gasian1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

@equal_youth Off topic: It was mistranslated. They are taking a break not closing down.

I agree. P5 will probably not be on ps4 but we can hope it gets ported eventually. :)

Spotie1294d ago

I dunno if it'll be Persona, but I'll take all of the above. Especially Gravity Rush 2.

gaffyh1294d ago

I think it might finally be a PS console Monster Hunter.

Abriael1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

That is possible. How long has it been since the first Ninty exclusive MH? Normally that kind of deal has an expiry date, or a number of titles.

gaffyh1294d ago

I believe it ends in 2015, Japan loves the game, so I'm sure Sony are doing everything they can to get it on their platforms now.

NovusTerminus1294d ago

Please let this be true!... but Gravity Rush 2 also would be amazing!

Insomnia_841294d ago

That game would move a great amount of consoles in JPN!

PaleMoonDeath1294d ago

I'd buy that, I remember back in the day when DMC3 first released, there was a Monster Hunter demo included, awesome game.

All_Consoles1294d ago

Ehh, probably not. If there was one coming to ps4 it would be monster hunter 4, and the 3ds game would just be a non main series game like freedom

KwietStorm1294d ago

I don't even want to set myself up.

breakpad1294d ago

i really hope for MOn Hun GAme on PS4 but a Dragons Dogma 2 or any known japanese IP would be good...consider also a game from Konami (kojima) and Sega -platinum Games except Yakuza

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DarkOcelet1294d ago

I hope sony supports the vita more , such an awesome handheld .

Strangelover1294d ago

PS4 sales in Japan will boost as soon as Bloodborne comes out

TimeSkipLuffy1294d ago

One Piece! XDDD

Monster Hunter exclusive game for PS4! XD

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