New Mod Aims To Bring The World Of Playstation's MediEvil To Skyrim

Modder ‘KorinOo’ is currently working on a mod for Skyrim that will bring the world of Playstation’s MediEvil to Bethesda’s RPG.

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scark921440d ago

Amazing! Sony needs to revive Medievil! I loved it!

Roccetarius1440d ago

I don't own the games anymore, but i used to love playing Medievil 1 and 2. I'm honestly not sure about what they could do with a 3rd game.

FamilyGuy1440d ago

Games like that can stay in the past with our fond memories of them. Some game types just don't translate well over time in my opinion. That's why we see see Knack with such a low review average. People seem to forget that they were more or less kid-friendly games.

Things like Soul Reaver or Syphon Filter could be revitalized and do well though.

ANIALATOR1361440d ago

I think as long as the games keeps to it's weird and scariness that was the original instead of what they done with the psp remake

Relientk771440d ago

We need a new MediEvil on PS4

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nosferatuzodd1440d ago

Not gonna happen kid
Blim((zod telleport back into the shadows

1440d ago
Clown_Syndr0me1440d ago

Its so cool what they can do with Skyrim. I wish people came up with such good things on Project Spark, instead of just cartoony things.

BattleN1440d ago

Skyrim I like but damn it has so many issues it's hard to like it. Freezes on me when I try to explore outside the citys or ruins. It's so sad for me lol

RedDevils1440d ago

never happen with mine one, probably I don't play a lot lol

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