The Backwards Compatibility Scam

JBH ponders what serial remastering as a result of the lack of backwards compatibility might do to the games industry.

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DarkOcelet1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I dont blv its easy as you might think , i mean for instance the ps3 cell infrastructure is very different of that of the ps4 , about the xbox they could have put it because they are not very different , maybe am wrong . And the last of us was 50$ only with all the dlc so i think the price is worth it. Sleeping dogs is actually better than watch dogs man ... it had a great story and good gameplay , its just wasnt big enough , but it a good game .

Software_Lover1504d ago

Xbox 360 was powerPC. XBone is X86. Not to mention the speed of the CPU in the Xbox 360 was in the 3ghz range compared to the XBone.

XBLSkull1504d ago

The feature is nice, but why buy a new system to play old games? You likely already own the old system, so its just a small convenience to have BC. It would be nice to have during the beginning of the generation here but more and more games are releasing so there are plenty of games to choose from now. I'm not going to complain about no BC, it isn't a necessary feature. Media functionality is however, bring it back M$/-$ony

C-H-E-F1504d ago

They aren't porting the ps3 versions to ps4 (multiplats) they are porting the PC version to the ps4... but With playstation now is it really a Scam?? If you want to play old games keep your old system... I just don't understand these new age brats.. like damn my SNES didn't play NES games... I kept both and enjoyed both until the Playstation dropped in 94'... mofos find the smallest things to cry about... ohhh I want a seemless experience... oh really?? well I have 5 HD ports on my TV.. I have my PS3 and my ps4 hooked up along with my comcast cable... If I want to play the PS3 I turn it on.. wow... that was sooo difficult

but on topic lol
Yeah I agree SD was better than WD... actually I think SD had some of the best hand to hand combat in a gta style game last gen.... Also, I don't mind shelling out money for PS4 ports for titles that's worth it... SD and TLOU are games I valued in my favorites of last gen so I did/will pick it up... As for Tomb Raider I didn't pick it up last gen and didn't this gen... Got it on ps plus this year.. but I still have yet to play it... I have no idea why... but it's not in my valued list... so with that being said... we have a choice to buy a game or skip it... and that's what many of these idiots don't understand... because a game comes out remastered or new ip doesn't mean you have to buy it if you don't want it... lOl

clouds51504d ago

I agree but backwards compatibility is a great way to bring in new costumers and make the transition easier.

There is not a lot to play on ps4 atm. But there are plentyof ps3 games around. If the ps4 was bbackwards compatible I would have bought it. Now I just bought a used ps3 for cheap.

C-H-E-F1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Understood but that's what PS now will be for... For those who missed out you can now use that service to play games you didnt get a chance to. If you equate PS now rent service to blockbuster you'd see value for the 90 day rental services (25$ and lower). Hopefully all games will be no more than 25$ for 90 days in the future.

but if you compare to lets say gamefly then you won't I suppose? But there's supposed to be a sub. Model so maybe that would be more on track with gamefly prices?

Volkama1504d ago

Decent sega Saturn emulators require a pretty beefy PC to run well, and even then they're not perfect.

The different archatecture is not a trivial obstacle.

ZombieKiller1504d ago

Well for one, people keep complaining there are no games. Backwards compatibility would help with that.

It can be done. If not included in the console, then on an emulation app. I would even be ok with them selling this app for $100 or so.
The PS Now, the remastering, and the idea that it can't be done is ALL another way for these big companies to make more money off of us. I don't mind buying a remastered version of a game, but this lack of BC, and the excuses feel to me, like both companies just want our money and that's the REAL reason it hasn't been available.
They keep restricting me like this, and I'm going to get a PC. I'm tired of playing by everyone else's rules. Shit, I bought a PS4 and it's like a privilege to get it to play music while gaming. PC has this how many years ago?

wheresmymonkey1504d ago

Would it? The WiiU has 100% BC with the wii including downloadable titles and people still complained there was nothing to play on it.

kneon1504d ago

Take off the the tin foil hat, they aren't out to get you. Emulating dissimilar hardware typically takes about an order of magnitude more compute power than the device being emulated and is a non-trivial task.

The problem is made more difficult by the shift in the way we design processors. In the past we mainly just made CPUs faster by shrinking the cpu and increasing the clock. Now we go with more, but slower cores so as to get the performance increase with out the usual increase in heat and power requirements.

Sy_Wolf1504d ago

It's not as simple as just making an emulator. There is a myriad of technical reasons why backwards compatibility isn't in the systems.

CaspuR1504d ago

It is a scam. the god of war collections is the one that set this train going,. every since then every 3 months theres been a "remastered" version or "HD" collection of some game. its crazy. Why do you think theres no ps1,2,or 3 classics in the ps4 psn store huh? they plan on selling you the same game again and call it remastered to justify a 50 or 60 dollar price tag. Dont believe the hype.

CernaML1503d ago

"Why do you think theres no ps1,2,or 3 classics in the ps4 psn store huh?"

Umm... because the PS4 doesnt have the hardware to emulate them?

I do agree that there should at least be PS1 emulation since every playstation platform in existence can play PS1 games. It could just come later like it did for the PS Vita. If not then something is wrong.

mydyingparadiselost1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

In honestly looking forward to some of these remasters, many of them are games I didn't play last gen and getting to play them with better resolutions and frame rates is nice. At the same time I agree with the article in the sense that not having BC leads to cash grab releases trying to bank on people rebuying their fav games.
I think my biggest problem with the lack of BC comes from Sony and all the digital PS1 & 2 not being backwards compatible. I'm getting really tired of buying stuff I own over and over again that's 15-20 years old just so it comes with me to the next console. The architecture excuse works for PS3 but not the digital content for the older systems and I feel like Now is just going to be a cash grab for my nostalgia that I still own and should be able to play.

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