Ryse: Son of Rome Legendary Edition Spotted

Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the few launch titles for the Xbox One when it released back in November 2013. Nine months down the track and it looks like they have decided to release a legendary edition for it according to a listing by GameMania.

The listing states that the Legendary Edition will include:

Ryse: Son of Rome Game
Four Game Add-Ons
3 Solo Maps
Bonus Skin

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RocknRolla1255d ago

Well Ryse didn't sell well so this doesn't surprise me in the slightest to be honest. Won't be buying it because it's coming out on pc and it'll be better.

GrathiusXR1255d ago

Agree. This for me has nope nope nope all over it.

All_Consoles1255d ago

Why don't you buy every game on pc then

GrathiusXR1255d ago

Don't have the money to afford a respectable gaming pc. But Ryse for me wasn't a killer game I needed and now 9 months later to have this ed? Not interested.

lifeisgamesok1255d ago

People claim to have gaming rigs but always try to brag about resolutions on their *PS4* copy instead of the PC one hmmm

Charybdis1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Its a fun hack and slash game to play. It just hasn't got the variety in hack and slash game-play to last long.
That said I do find it a shame that local co-op wasn't included would have been the perfect game that.

Benoski1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Why bother re-releasing the game when we all know that it sold poorly and that many people hate it?

Then again, they might be doing this for more sales so that they can make Ryse 2.

700p1255d ago

People dont hate it...Many people actually like it. Except it got boring after awhile with the repetitive combat.

Insomnia_841255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Legendary Failure Edition

Sorry, I couldn't resist! 😅😀😁 😂

But seriously, it's like if Sony made a Legendary edition of Haze, which wasn't that bad but definitely not to come up with such thing as a whatever edition.

What's next, Fighter Within? Better yet, Lococycle? Crimson Dragon? Kinect Sports Rivals??

Holy cow!! I just realized how many games in the 60's ratings the Xbox One has. That's 5 mediocre exclusives counting Ryse!!

Doge1255d ago

You're trying too hard, mate.

LAWSON721255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Ryse was nothing great but it is on a whole other level compared to the turd that is Haze.

700p1255d ago

Please. You cant troll like me kiddo.

SharnOfTheDEAD1255d ago

I imagine Black Beard and his hearty PC elite crew will pirate this across the 7 seas

TM3331255d ago

Last time I checked (via the show, Black Sails), Black Beard was was a furry lady.

Immorals1255d ago

Been looking to pick up this game, might get myself a copy

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