New Surgeon Simulator Shots Show off PS4 Version

VRFocus - Earlier this week London-based indie developer Bossa Studios confirmed that it would be launching its hit videogame Surgeon Simulator on PlayStation 4 digitally on 12th August 2014 in North America and 13th August in Europe. The title will arrive as Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, complete with a mix of challenges from both the PC and iPad versions of the title. Now a range of screenshots taken from the port have been released, and can be seen below.

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BillmadeAGate1435d ago

Looks fun. Can't wait to try it.

WeAreLegion1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

It is. Hilarious to play and watch people play. And very rewarding if you actually manage to finish the surgeries.

PaleMoonDeath1435d ago

Hm.. think I watched my little brother play this on PC, looked stressful as hell, would be a perfect party game haha!

equal_youth1435d ago

day one buy for me :D was thinking about buying this on steam but now i'll just wait a few more days.

Moncole1435d ago

Get it on PC. What made this game great were the keyboard controls and using a controller will take away from that.

neocores1435d ago

Lol pretty sure it wont lol. Also ps4 supports Keyboard and mouse

equal_youth1435d ago

i just want to play it from the couch ^^

iceman061435d ago

Much like Octodad, the developers know that the wonky controls are what makes the game so fun. I highly doubt that they wouldn't translate that to controllers for consoles.

hkgamer1435d ago

someone should probably explain the ds controls. the pc was a key for a finger right?

DOMination-1435d ago

"I don't think the five second rule applies to kidneys!"