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Asad Quardi at The Koalition writes: The Sacred franchise can be best described best as a rough diamond. The games implement what's to be expected from action RPGs from dungeon exploring, to loot grabbing and to endless waves of much stronger enemies for you to test your lovely new weapons on.

Sacred has shown signs of promise, with the wonderful world of Ancaria to explore, the many quests to fulfil, the funny memorable characters whom you'd share your journeys with and the many battles you'll be taking part in.

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SwiffEpics1508d ago

A nice honest review by Asad here. He wasn't afraid to be honest and let us know what the games flaws are. I will still check out the game for myself when I get the opportunity.

Volkama1507d ago

Ouch 24% though? That's gotta be a big sale purchase.

Oh I just thought, I could govern my PC purchases by review scores on a 1-10 scale, with the score being the price I eventually pay for the game! Ok, so pick up sacred when it drops to around £2.40. Probably won't be that long.

rbailey1508d ago

I have heard nothing but bad things about this game lol This is pretty disappointing because I thought Sacred Citadel was pretty fun. This game may not necessarily be for everyone but chances are if you're a fan of the series then you may find a few things you'll like about this game.

Roccetarius1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

What's there to like about this game, even if you're a fan? They're stripping it down to barebones, until there's exactly nothing left.

Skate-AK1507d ago

Sacred Citadel isn't the same game. There is Sacred 1,2&3.

garrettglass1508d ago

Ouch! I know nothing about this game, but it looks so good. I guess looks can be deceiving?

jaggernaut251508d ago

It's a shame this game didn't live up to the legacy of its predecessors. Sacred 2 is a really fun and solid action-RPG, even on consoles, so there were high hopes for this one. They didn't even market it well - I had no idea it was releasing until it popped up in the Steam store one day. It's a damn shame!

JsonHenry1507d ago

This is what happens when you water a game down for the masses. The masses never wanted to play it to begin with (they'll stick to candy crush) and the loyal fans won't support you either.

Congrats on your hard earned failure. Now go back and make the game in the same spirit that made the series popular to begin with.

Roccetarius1507d ago

Exactly this, and i'm not going to support it either. Maybe if they're given some time, the developers will get the clue.

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