Call of Duty is better on the Wii U than any other platforms

Simon knows what you are probably thinking, is he out of his mind? How on earth could he possibly think the Wii U versions of Call of Duty games are the best? He is also certain there would be a few unsavoury words thrown around that he probably just doesn't want to hear in the slightest. But trust him he has his reasons to suggest why Call of Duty games have never been better then on the Wii U. Sure they have their worse features such as a lack of extra maps like all the other versions get but that is really a small thing and a small price to pay for the ultimate versions of the game. Read on in the full story for the rest.

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Hellsvacancy1353d ago

There's a little red box, that way ------->
it's used for reporting problems, why don't you try using it rather than being off topic in the comments section

Th3o1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Some people can't report if they don't have a certain amount of submissions FYI.

DonDon1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


Okay. I'll click that little red box with the minus sign next to YOUR name for being off topic. Thanks for the advice.

On topic: Not many people are playing Black Ops 2 anymore 9n Wii U. At first I thought it was because of Ghosts, but it's probably because most people are on ps3/360 (more-so than ps4/xbone) because of they HUGE install bases there and their friends are already playing on it. But the gamepad is pretty neat and offscreen play could be nice (never tried off screen yet though)

iamnsuperman1353d ago

Team litt living up to the name :P

The gamepad does add a lot but hide and seak? Unusual way to play

Magicite1353d ago

Nintendo systems are the only ones where COD sales are abysmal, and thats what actually matters.

LOL_WUT1353d ago

Agreed! I don't think the new game is even headed for the WiiU. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Can't blame them for not buying a game that has 99% of its extra content missing, though.
Most people wouldn't support that, and for good reason.

TheBoy1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

lol why would I buy the Wii U version which:
- Lacks features
- No DLC
- Garbage online infrastructure (Messaging, invites, etc)
- Dead community
- No party chat
- No Achievements
- The worst visuals and frame rate
- Not to mention Advanced Warfare isn't even coming to the Wii U

R00bot1353d ago

-The lacks features argument will have to be more specific, as you already stated lacking features such as the achievements, party chat, etc.
-DLC is true, even if the Wii U version of BLOPS 2 is getting the nuketown DLC soon (two years after the game came out lol).
-Garbage infrastructure is true as well.
-Community isn' even dead, you would know that if you'd played any of them on the Wii U.
-Party chat is unneeded unless playing in one game session together, in which case normal voice chat will do the trick. However it is still missing so yeah.
-Achievements are bullcrap schemes designed to make you get more time out of games, instead of making the game more fun or adding more content, they're adding pointless things to do.
-Visuals and framerate are better than both the 360 and PS3, while running at the same resolution and framerate as the Xbox One version and looking as good as the PS4 version (minus some resolution).
-Advance Warfare not coming to the Wii U is true, BUT BLOPS 2 wasn't announced for Wii U until months after the original announcement, and Ghosts wasn't announced for Wii U until a few months before launch. Chances are Advance Warefare will come to Wii U.

Last, but not least, it's CoD and nobody cares about it.

Sorry for the lengthy post, to clarify, I wasn't saying the Wii U version is better, just pointing out why the things you posted were disputable.

Hellsvacancy1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Well you must care, why else would you go into such a detailed defense?

If you like COD that's fine, never be ashamed of what you like (unless it's something to be ashamed of) you should hear some of the obscure music I listen to, it doesn't bother me in the slightest if no one else likes it

Deep-throat1353d ago

Poor deluded Nintendo fan.

dark-kyon1353d ago

lol call of duty running at same resolution in wii u and xbox one.
call of duty black ops2 wii u 880 x720
call of duty black ops2 xbox 360 880 x720
call of duty ghost wii u 880 x720
call of duty ghost xbox one 1280 x720
call of duty ghost ps4 1980 x1080
"The Wii U version matches the look of the Xbox 360 game and thus gives it an edge visually over the PlayStation 3 release, but unfortunately it comes up well short in terms of performance - . The frame-rate variance is such that the PS3 game feels generally smoother, while the 360 release feels like an entirely different game in the more demanding levels.
keep dreaming nintendo fanboy.

DonDon1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@ Roobot:

You said:

"Achievements are bullcrap schemes designed to make you get more time out of games, instead of making the game more fun or adding more content, they're adding pointless things to do."

PLEASE just stop it. Stop enabling. There is NO reason why there shouldn't be trophies/achievements (It would be cool if Nintendo had their own name for it--like "Accolades" or "Sticker"/"Star s" like the stars in Mario).

There is no reason to make excuses for a lot of Nintendo's issues.

If you're fine with less, than by all means live in your own bubble. But for me, as a multi-console gamer and huge Nintendo fan, I cannot ignore the issues that Nintendo (Iwata) ignores.

If we want the best Nintendo possible, then enabling stupid ommissions is the worse way of achieving such a goal. Nothing wrong with challenging the glaring issues. And that goes for MS, Steam and Sony and any 3rd party too.

DragoonsScaleLegends1352d ago

That's funny lol. Ghosts on Wii U does not come close to the same graphics as PS4. I played both and it's completely apparent that PS4 version looks way better. Frame-rate and resolution are the most apparent differences. Wii U frame-rate for ghosts is almost unplayable in my opinion. If they would have just locked it to 30fps it might be better but instead it jumps all over the place and that causes noticeable issues. The game looks the same as the Xbox 360 version but with a worse frame-rate and worse controls. But I only own the Wii U version which sucks but I played the Xbox 360 and PS4 version.

R00bot1352d ago


While I can see how you could think that I care about CoD, I've actually never owned a CoD game and don't plan on getting one anytime soon.

I care more about the righting the misinformation going on around here. But rarely comment anyway, since enjoying any system that isn't the PS4 is like bubble suicide on this website.

Any chance you could actually offer a valid argument as to why I am deluded? As an owner of multiple systems I find it hard to believe I am a deluded Nintendo fan.

Never knew the Xbox One version was higher res.
As for framerates it's nowhere near as bad as you seem to think it is, but I will agree that the game has been VERY poorly optimised for the Wii U. It was clearly an afterthought.

I agree, there's no reason why achievements shouldn't be there. And my opinion on achievements just happens to be that they're pointless. Your opinion is as valid as mine.

Resolution won't make a difference unless your tv is 65 inch plus, if it is then get the PS4 version. Frame rate is a valid point. Other than that the versions are almost identical with a higher contrast on the PS4.

Aaaand I've ended up with another long post. Sorry for that. Please, don't disagree with this one on the basis of me being a "nintendo fan/fanboy".

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Bubbamilk1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Lacking features-dev and corporate problem. Although it is a true issue like u said. It is dirty politics and all the reason for u to not use it in an argument as defense against the wii u.

No dlc- yeah same crap but growing it up in 80s and 90s I should receive the full version of my game when I purchase it for full price anyone my age will agree that dlc is shady

Garbage online infrastructure--garbage is pushing it. It has been made into a big deal when it is actually great. I've had no issues and the best's free so once again u are just looking for an argument with that one. It's great.

Dead community-- I never have an issue getting into a game. It seems more like an actual community because less people u would be surprised and like I said I've had it since launch and I always get in a game. And actually a good point is that it takes less time to start the wii u and get into a game. Count that into the equation with load times of other consoles and it all evens out

No party chat--true, although there is a built in microphone in the gamepad that can be used with most games no headset needed. Pretty freaking cool. And I can play online cod on the gamepad which is better than u think

No achievements-- that's fine I don't need a useless pat on the back from these companies to keep me playing. If they served a true purpose than I would agree but they don't

Worst visuals and frame rate-- this is the big one because it proves u havent even played them. Ghost on ps4 is equally glitchy and I cannot tell the difference. That is due to the fact that it was rushed out as usual on the same engine but if u think there is a difference than u havent seen the wii u version. It's as equal as xbone and ps4 difference if anything. Oh and black ops 2 is actually the better version as far as stability goes. It's great I'm still playing it to this day screw ghost. The better visuals thing is u buying into it. If the companies lie to u about their own product u know they will lie about the competition don't be blind to that

And true so far no advanced warfare which is why I bought a ps4. It's best to buy multiple consoles instead of bashing the others in your spare time. Wii u and ps4 are very different therefore they compliment each other well. U should think about purchasing one instead of limiting yourself just because your favorite company lies to u to ensure their sales. U are their greatest weapon because u are free advertisement. Actually u are better than that u are advertisement that pay them. Why u think they trash each other so much. To get little boys and girls wound up and that is garbage my friend. Not the wii u

BattleN1353d ago

True, Mario Kart 8 runs like butter for me! So Online is not entirely garbage lol
Rarely do I get 1rst, but it's a fun lil buger to play!

budd1353d ago

well friend...each console has it straights...From a ps4/WII U...owner

imXify1353d ago

Another points
- 80% of the time you'll end up playing Team Deathmath/Domination. Because it's hard to find people on any other game modes.
- Late patches. Snipers has never been patched in BO2.

JacketsNest1011353d ago

Party chat may not be a part of the Wii U's main infrastructure yet, but it is certainly not missing from CoD games.

famoussasjohn1353d ago

It also doesn't get patches as well apparently. So gun performance remains the same from launch pretty much. I've heard the DSR and other bolt action sniper rifles weren't nerfed on there like they were on other consoles.

N4g_null1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I don't know I am mostly a pc gamer and I love bops2 and ghost because they let me use ir pointing to shoot. People dive jump and slide every where yet i still hit them with no practice and I still get long shots with the mini gun without scooping sometime.

The game feels more like a pc game because of this. Then I can switch up and use the gamepad or just sit it in front of me and setup load outs.

The people claiming the graphics are not up to par forget that these fast pace military shooters don't look that good.

Hey but you can't change a fanboys mind. The dual screen online play without system link is sweet also. With two wiiu you got your self 4 players just add another tv.

Yet if you need sticks the pro pad works great.

pcz1353d ago

nobody even owns a wiiu.

only nintendo employees own wiius

randomass1711353d ago

Wait, I work at Nintendo?? And there are 7 million of us?!?! I hope we get good benefits! :D

Chrischi19881352d ago

Hahahaha... unbelievable what a hater mind thinks^^

marloc_x1352d ago

The cafeteria is superb..

BlackWolf1352d ago

Gee.. you finally went from a "I'm a reasonable person" troll, to an average mindless hater. Good for you, I guess. You've captured your essence.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

You should have just stopped after your first two points, because those are the two points that actually matter most, and are the biggest reasons why the game isn't being, and shouldn't be, supported on the Wii U.

The online infrastructure works just fine; I've never had issues with joining other people's games or getting messages/invites from them.

The community is dead because no one wants to buy a game with 99% of its extra content missing and only the most bare minimum of patch support from its developers.

Party chat: You've got a huge list of people to choose from and mute, and you can choose to just keep your party un-muted while muting everyone else.
Still, not that huge a deal, especially considering CoD is generally filled with some of the most annoying mic users on the planet.

Achievements: Similarly not that huge a deal. Would be nice to have, but not a critical reason for anyone aside from those that really care that much about being a show-off.

Visuals/framerate aren't making the Wii U versions unplayable, let alone unenjoyable, so that's irrelevant as well.

The devs behind it announced Ghosts late as well, or have you forgotten?
I'm not holding my breath for it hitting the Wii U or anything, but it's stupid to say it's not coming when the devs haven't come out and directly said that they have no intention of making a Wii U port.

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DarkOcelet1353d ago

Call of duty doesnt really change on any platform so i dont know what you are saying

SoulMikeY1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I've seen two Nintendo fans defend their platform. I've seen many people attack that.... You tell me who's extreme.

And to me, if you don't own every platform, you don't have a say plain and simple. I can't play Mario Kart or (soon) Smash Bros on my PS4 or my One. And there's no way the One or Wii U could play the greatest game made (to me) Second Son. And when the Halo collection launches and validates my very premature and slightly regrettable One purchase, there are no better shooters on any console to me.

And when my $300 Nintendo platform can pull the same power my $500 Xbox One can.... Yeah GTFO. Lol

Reply was meant for LucasRuinedChildhood

LucasRuinedChildhood1353d ago

Your comment is illogical. If someone says something extreme, and a few people disagree with them, how does that make them extreme? It's such a straw-man's argument. You're not some sort of victim just because a few people provided valid reasons or observations which did not concur with your view.

I'm a PlayStation guy, but we both know the Wii U is not as powerful as the One. We both know a Wii U could never play a game like BF4 at/around 60FPS, with Hardline additionally running at 1080p. Stop deluding yourself. I only think alot of Nintendo fans are extreme because of statements like this. 'GTFO. Lol,' sums up the depth of your argument.

Ghost_Nappa1353d ago

I want you to explain why purchasing a console is a prerequisite to having an opinion. If you cannot do this, then keep any further opinions to yourself.

Realplaya1353d ago

@ LucasRuinedChildhood Your point is invalid if no one has made those games. How many games at 1080P 60FPS is the One currently playing?

Chrischi19881352d ago

I guess he doesnt mean, that you cant have an opinion, I guess he means that your opinion has no say then, because you will most obviously search for reasons, why your version is better than the others. You wont do that, if you own them all.

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LucasRuinedChildhood1353d ago

Nintendo fans are so extreme sometimes. How can it be the best version of CoD when its online community is virtually non-existent besides a few Team Deathmatch lobbies (paling in comparison to all other online communities)?

.... Sigh.

aarondejohnson1353d ago

It lacks features and graphics because of nintendo fanboys don't buy 3rd party games. They just stick to nintendo games and that's unfortunate. I love my wii u and I supported 3rd party games since the beginning. It's just 3rd parties don't trust the nintendo sells and that's why they don't bother putting the extra effort into making it. But EA is a different story, they wanted nintendo to fail in the first place that's why I would never support them because of them being liars. But Activision and ubisoft supported nintendo and nintendo fanboys still wanna stick to there system and play nothing but nintendo games and they still wanna bitch about 3rd parties treating them like shit and most of them not are not supporting them. I agree on some 3rd parties being ass holes but nintendo fanboys still give 3rd parties a good reason for second class treatment. I'm a gamer not a fanboy i also own the xbox one so when it comes to graphics I don't care. I'm not a graphics whore like Sony Ponies. I go where I believe I can get the best experience and that's why I bought the wii u because of the gamepad and it's still unfortunate that we not seeing the full potential of it. I believe next year 3rd parties will come back to nintendo. They just waiting for the install base to grow and I don't blame them and yes there are more wii u than xbox one's but xbox one consumers bought more call of duty ghost and assassin's creed 4 by a wide margin on there system then the wii u. That's what I'm talking about, nintendo fanboys are the blame too so stop bitching and support them if you want more games.

MSBAUSTX1353d ago

This is completely false. I own Zombi U, COD BO2 and Ghosts, Assassins Creed 3 and 4, Deus Ex, Mass Effect 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Cabellas Hunting games, and Injustice Gods Among Us. All of which play amazingly well and look better than any PS3 or 360 version of the same games. Some are even the same resolution as XB1 games. I have played Ghosts on the XB1 and the Wii U and there is such little difference that most people wouldnt even notice. Now either that is a compliment to the Wii U or an insult to the XB1 or both. Biggest difference is that I can play off TV on the Gamepad if I like with a friend so we both have our own screen. Frame rate doesnt even reduce hardly at all when doing this. The point is that most people who poke fun at these third party games on the Wii U have never played them before because Nontendo allows for more innovation when it comes to controls and interface using the Game Pad. The Gamepad in Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex is wonderfully used and pretty much ruins the experience for me on any other system because of how easy it is. I am a Nintendo "fanboy" and I own more Third Party titles than I do Nintendo Games. So your comment is completely false. The Devs have given us terrible patches, no DLC, and terrible online interfacing. The Wii U is capable of doing everything that any other system can, maybe not as high resolution, but as far as extra content, it can do it. I have voice chat with my handheld and it works great. The developers are to blame. If you spent any amount of time in a Nintendo forum you would know that Nintendo "fanboys" have tried their asses off to support third party on Wii U only to be crapped on by those Devs. This results in Nintendo fans, who value quality not shine, to shun those developers because why would we support someone who refuses to support us. Ubisoft says they need more "install base" when the Wii U has sold about 2 million more units than the XB1 and they still make games for it! So dont point the finger at us pal because it is people like me and Nintendo fans that are always making the Devs do a better job because we can see crap from a mile away.

MNGamer-N1353d ago

Extremely well said. Thank you, I will echo everything you said, this is how I feel as well. I can no longer play COD on any other system BUT WiiU, because the Gamepad Features make it BETTER for me personally.

Realplaya1353d ago

Dude you are wrong on so many levels don't generalize us like that. It leads me to believe you never actually bout a system.

I currently have more 3rd party than 1st party games and let me tell you my thoughts.
3rd parties don't tell us the game is coming and show no previews. They then turn around and say that not only are we missing out 75% of features were still expected to pay the same price as the other consoles. It gets better not only are we getting dinged and disrespected were hit with the game is delayed and not coming from the developer as the other games. So before you put us all in a box think first and don't try to make us think you are not trolling Wii U fans by taking jabs at Sony and Microsoft/.

Chrischi19881352d ago

You troll, Nintendo fans just have a problem to pay the same price for less content, delays and less features. Nobody of you would do that, I really do not understand what is so hard about that to understand... Maybe for once you guys could name me 2 3rd party games, where there were no such problems, instead of blaming us to not buying third party games. I actually bought a lot of them. Most features that miss, dont miss because of the console being underpowered or something like that, it is because the dev decided to not include those features.

You all act like we dont buy them, but you must be a fool, to think, that ypu would do that under such circumstances.

Do you want to tell me you would just accept being ripped off?

What you guys dont understand is, that we Wii U owners dont have a problem with worse visuals, but less content and less features is a no go, especially for having to pay the same price. What is so hard to understand about that? Try to explain what you do not understand about that. A logical answer please, not some troll comment.

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