Brashcast: Episode 48 – Guardians of the Galaxy

This week, Liam and Ross fall in love with Guardians of Galaxy, look briefly at where The Expendables is going wrong, marvel at the McCaonaissance and discuss why intentionally shit films are just plain shit……we’re looking at you Sharknado!

There’s gaming too – Rogue Legacy, InFamous: Second Son, Mario Kart, Wolfenstein, The Stick of Truth – they all get a look in.

Then there is the little matter of e-sports. With the Dota 2 Championship hitting the mainstream on ESPN and the winners made overnight millionaires, is it time for e-sports to hit the sporting big time?

Oh, and be warned, there is also an extended conversation on the horrifying nature of genitalia.

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SharnOfTheDEAD1353d ago

Expendables 3 is bloody awful, poor excuse for an action movie

Retroman1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

so was "Guardian of the galaxy"
lot of it was not explain such as : how he got abducted at the beginning and why as a kid he did not want to touch his dying mom on her death bed while she's pleaing for his love with her last breath still was rejected .
if it wasn't for Rocket sarcasticness and Thanos apperance the movie would have appear to been no more than "Scooby do in space" playing 70's music, spidy fans Booed maguire for dancing here this Clown did samething everyone love it ........................... after
end credit a digital cgi DRUNK Howard the duck really?? is that best kevin fergie can do ??

SharnOfTheDEAD1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

woah, I loved that movie and was way more enjoyable than Expendables 3, great Sci fi adventure and the 70s music is awesome, much better than the crap in the charts (How can Will I Am birthday be number 1?) Also it's explained about 3 or 4 times why he was abducted/taken from earth.

I felt the reason he didn't take his mothers hand was because he couldn't face the reality she was going to die, heck he might have even been angry too because she was leaving him. As for the dance/distraction I can simply say Chris Pratt is a better dancer lol. Other than that though I felt the choreography, comical lines (Drax had some great lines) etc was well done and the animation behind Groot and Rocket are extremely well done! I feel it was an all round entertaining movie and a great Sci Fi film. (good enough to see it again which I have.)

As Expendables 3 though, it has none of the balls and spirit that the first film had. Certainly a blow out for an action movie :/

Liam23821353d ago

It's terrible, but I know I'll go and see it.....I'm such a fool.

CanadianTurtle1353d ago

This movie is getting so many good review scores but after watching it, I've come to realize that it is just a "decent" film. Nothing excellent or outstanding. It's just a 7/10 experience

Liam23821353d ago

It's not perfect, but the good stuff is so good that the weaker elements become much easier to overlook.