Pikmin 3 review

Waiting a year or two can be a long wait for people highly anticipating a certain game. But while that may be a struggle for many, Nintendo have made us wait nine years for a follow up to its beloved franchise. For many, this leaves plenty of expectations about the game for those fans eagerly awaiting the title, and surely Nintendo delivers.

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Metallox1467d ago

It wasn't what I expected to tell the truth. Initially I thought the game was going to be a huge improvement over Pikmin 2. More caves, bigger overworlds, deeper puzzles, more strategy, more enemies, a bigger Piklopedia and more imaginative new types of Pikmin.

What we received however it's very good and Pikmin 1 fans should be more than satisfied. And that Mission mode it's the best among the three games.

This game also left us a friggin cliff-hanger, so I can't wait for the fourth entry.

Big_Game_Hunters1467d ago

An underrated and overlooked gem of 2013. I only wish bingo battle had an online mode