Nine Things We Expect From Sony At Gamescom

Jake from Press Start Australia listed nine things that he expects to see from Sony at Gamescom.

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trywizardo1321d ago

that would be awesome , where is the games in the list ?!
i want to see more uncharted 4 , TLOU remastered and maybe maybe a new GOD game "crosses fingers"

WeAreLegion1321d ago

Some of these are just multi-plat announcements. New Mortal Kombat fighters? Arkham Knight release date? Why are they in the list?

diegoarlek1321d ago

My guess is that it's still something that will be shown at Sony's conference.

shancake1321d ago

I think this is a good chance.. Have they said if it's releasing this year?

ibrake4naps1321d ago

I don't think so. I bet it will release a year from now :-( wish it came out yesterday ...

CriticalHit1320d ago

I really hope they announce inFamous Vita. And if they do, I hope we get to play Kessler's story!