Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX strategy guide box set includes extra goodies

Find out the first details on the upcoming Final Fantasy Box Set (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX): Official Game Guide from Prima Games.

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Pozzle1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

"Final Fantasy Box Set (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX)"

I read this and got excited...then I realized it was the name of the game guide. lol

Agent20091501d ago

Soon, man, soon FFVII/VIII/IX will find their place on PS4, in HD resolution. I can feel it in da air.

Capt-FuzzyPants1501d ago

I think you're the only one. Would be awesome if you are right though.

justlikeme1501d ago

It's already on pc. It's called Pcsx.

Transporter471501d ago


How about buying the games on PSN or on steam?

DOMination-1500d ago

You can upscale all you want but honestly if the original source looks like ass, it will still look like ass in HD.

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Magicite1501d ago

These games surely never get old.

Relientk771501d ago


I'm debating on getting this

pompombrum1501d ago

Still have my original copy of the FF9 game guide, missed FF7 and 8 ones though. Will probably pick this up just for collectors sake. Those were the golden years of JRPGs after all and some of my favourite gaming moments were from playing these games.

Goku7811501d ago

Me too, this is is the remasters they need to do, but act like they too scared.

Jonny5isalive1501d ago

This thing will be awesome if it is the original guides, those things were bad ass. I still have the one for FF7, it tattered to shit tho. It is an awesome guide that I used to just bring with me to read.

MRMagoo1231500d ago

I have the game guides for 7,8,9,10,10 part 2,12 and the kingdom hearts games and everyone of them is relevant to the game because they came out with out needing patches, the funny thing is my Diablo 3 guide I bought on launch was irrelevant a week after launch lol.

HarvesterOSarow1500d ago

The strategy guide for FFVII actually has a lot of errors in it. After beating the game like nine times and then finally checking out the guide, I couldn't believe how many errors I found.

Still a good feeling to have it on a shelf though.

audiophile1011501d ago

i used to have an original final fantasy 7 strategy guide. too bad my cousin ruined it or i could have made some good money if i decided to sell it

MRMagoo1231500d ago

They aren't worth much I don't think, I still have all mine and wouldn't sell any if them anyway including the games.

audiophile1011500d ago

yeah that doesn't surprise me. if i still had it and in the condition it was i know i would never sell it but it would be interesting if it would sell high.

im happy to be replaying it on steam right now

salazarnaruto521501d ago

FFIX is the best game out of the three ps1 final fantasies

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