Best Buy Ad 8/17 - 8/23

Take a look at the latest Best Buy weekly ad.

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MSBAUSTX1465d ago

What a crap ad. One XB1 game, meh deals on PS4 and a garbage game captureing device that does what I can already pretty much do in system. Great job Best Buy on not convincing everyone to shop at your stores. Frys and Amazon had much better ads this month.

TomShoe1465d ago

It's summer, the deals usually don't start ramping up until Fall-Winter season.

MSBAUSTX1465d ago

Iwas hoping to see the titles that have been out for PS4 and XB1 be reduced to 39.99 around now since they have been out for the most part about 8 months now. Maybe in the next month or two. But you are right, summer is slow and sucky. It is going to be a good fall and winter though.

ABizzel11465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Best Buy deals are actually quite good, the problem is you have to sign up for their Game Rewards program which usually cost $120 ($60 on sale, and last for 2 years). And basically it saves you 20% off every new game, plus nets you more reward points which means more $5 coupons for your games.

Best Buy is one of the best you just have to invest that $120 first. And as long as you buy 10 new games in 2 years it pays for itself.

famoussasjohn1465d ago

Even better, pre-order select titles and get $10 reward coupons. Plus you get additional points for buying games on the gamer unlocked thing.

shammgod1465d ago

Best buy is a ghost town when I go there now

Muzikguy1465d ago

I love Best Buy. With that said I have to stay out of the stores and away from the ads or I'll be spending too much money. I won't be getting Diablo3 and don't need that motion capture device. I'm not surprised to see them trying to sell it though. Move with the times or get left behind

famoussasjohn1465d ago

I used to work there, the employee discount was a gift and a curse.

Muzikguy1465d ago

Oh yeah I bet. It would be a curse for me that's for sure