Xbox Twitter: Gamescom games tease.

As Gamescom draws closer,the hype intensifies. MS knows this and they just posted a picture on twitter teasing the games that may be shown at their conference.
Already some xbox fans have been able to spot a few of the games. Can you make them all out?

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Spurg1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Scalebound, Halo, Dragon age, fable:Legends, the witcher(the w is upside down to make it into an M), Evolve, Sunset overdrive, Call of duty, ori and the blind forest, Quantum break, Fifa, Farcry 4.

I'M surprise Scalebound is gonna be at gamecon. I was expecting the next reveals much later like VGAs or something.

christocolus1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Lol..that was fast. The original xbox logo is there too and a photo from halo5 trailer from e3 last year. Also shocked to see scalebound in there.

Its going to be a great show. I'm expecting a short gears trailer and announcements from rare&lift.

Eonjay1294d ago

Well, it almost convention time! Glad to see Microsoft returning to do a conference this year. Get the folks excited. For me, its all about Quantum Break. Other than that I want to see Sony's new game and Activision's COD multiplayer.

4Sh0w1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I'm not sure what games they all are but its a pretty cool message, will be fun to see what micro shows off at Gamescom.

AngelicIceDiamond1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I can see a Gears Trailer. Maybe something from Rare and Lift London.

I'm glad Scale bound is gonna be there. But damn I was hoping to see Phantom Dust maybe that'll be for TGS that would be a PERFECT showing.

I wonder what that OG Xbox game is?

Like I said before MS is becoming POWERHOUSE when it comes to games.

guyman1294d ago

I am really eager to see how scalebound plays... also very surprised it's shown at GC and not TGS

XStation1293d ago

Original Xbox may be a old game reboot or even Rare's nw game.

greenlantern28141293d ago

Maybe the OGXbox logo is for Phantom Dust, it was an OGXbox game. Or maybe they are going to offer a streaming service like PSNow.

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imt5581294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Let's see :

Top - Scalebound, Halo MCC, X ( maybe BC )

Middle - Dragon Age : Inquisition, Fable : Legends, Witcher 3 ( yes M is upside down ), Evolve, Sunset Overdrive

Below - COD : AW, Ori and The Blind Forest, Quantum Break, maybe FIFA 15 ( 1 is font from EA Sports games ), Far Cry 4



You already edit post.:)

Spurg1294d ago

'X ( maybe BC )'

Hmmmm...they did mention a surprise...might be bc or maybe bringing back a game from the original Xbox.

bleedsoe9mm1294d ago

Rare is working on a new Blast Corps ...probably not

iamnsuperman1294d ago

They are more likely to be announcing Xbox games on live or another Xbox games comming back than BC.

Nolando1293d ago

I do this to myself every E3 or games conference... but I hope they bring back Mech Assault or Crimson Skies... HOW many times must I plead!!!!

if not that BC (lionheads caveman rpg/survival game which was canceled) would be a very interesting surprise... there hasn't been a good dino game in like ever...

OR maybe another interesting exclusive to bring back would be gunvalkerie (sp?), Blood Wake, or even Midtown madness? :)

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MrSwankSinatra1294d ago

Xbox One Symbol
Original Xbox Symbol
[email protected]
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Fable Legends
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Sunset Overdrive
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare
Ori and the Blind Forest
Quantum Break
FIFA 15 or NBA Live 15
Far Cry 4

Exactly in that order...

Kiwi661294d ago

How did you get disagrees for nameing the games hinted at but looking at the other comments i see they got disagrees for saying they're looking forward to CC

AngelicIceDiamond1294d ago

@Spurg Damn nice.

Kinda surprised Far Cry 4 is in there.

iamnsuperman1294d ago

Why it is coming out this year and I suspect we will see a conference, from Microsoft, exactly like we saw at E3. Full of games multiplatform or not. I would expect the big games to be at Microsoft press conference

BiggerBoss1294d ago


It is kind if surprising being that so far, Far cry 4 has been advertised on ps4 and was at sonys e3 conference

Patrick_pk441294d ago

Basically the same stuff from E3. I don't care about the gameplay for the games that ere already shown. I'd like to see gameplay for those that only wee show through some CGI trailer.

3-4-51293d ago

Seriously considering getting an XB1 tomorrow. Hopefully we get some good news.

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TheCagyDies1294d ago

Hopefully we'll see some Scalebound footage, Platinum Games are fast devs and Kojima applauded them for it.

Barnaby-Jones1294d ago

I'm really hoping that Original Xbox symbol means something. A lot of potential for original xbox games.

qwerty6761293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

could be they just needed another x

or perhaps they have some type of backwards compatibility thing planned. but i hardly doubt it

if they were working on something like that it would have prob been rumored already or already leaked.

LAWSON721294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I really hope to see Xbox 360 originals, because I would love to have Tales of Vespiria, Lost Odyssey, Halo Reach and Blue Dragon on my Xbone, as well as some arcade games like Shadow Complex and Banjo Kazooie 1 and 2. That way I would never have to consider picking up a 360 again. Anyways I am really looking forward to some more details on Halo MCC and Quantum Break, oh and I love me some Platinum games so hopefully Scalebound has a demo.

UltraAtomic1294d ago

Well your basically, getting halo reach multiplayer with the Halo mcc.

HaydenJameSmith1294d ago

No your not...

It's called the Master Chief Collection, so it includes all the Games Chief was in Halo 1-4. You did not play as him in Reach... and Reach's MP was very different to all those Games.

UltraAtomic1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

@HaydenJameSmith Yes you are... halo 1 anniversary has the exact same MP as halo reach. In the halo mcc your getting halo 1 anniversary ,halo 2 anniversary, and halo 3,4. Halo 3,4 are the only ones that don't have the anniversary treatment.

LAWSON721293d ago

"halo 1 anniversary has the exact same MP as halo reach"

No you are misinformed. Halo 1 Anniversary will be using it original MP not Halo Reach

HaydenJameSmith1291d ago

Sorry I'm afraid your wrong as LAWSON72 pointed out...

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Dinkis1293d ago

Ha! I borrowed tales of vesperia from a friend. Only 10 hours in and its got me reeled in so far.
I really want to see conkers the most from og era

UltraAtomic1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

@LAWSON72 Exactly!!! the exact same MP as halo 1 anniversary, which has halo reach MP. They didn't do anything to 1 or 3,4 only 2!!! I am not trying to start anything, but how they "originally shipped". Halo 1 anniversary shipped with reach MP. PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG!?!? and if i am misinformed show me your proof.give me a link where its says halo 1 anniversary has original mp form halo 1.

ArnoDorian1294d ago

Hopefully that original Xbox logo is a game from the Xbox days. Hopefully Conker

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