Is Gamescom More Important Than E3?

"E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is widely regarded as gaming’s center stage, and it has every right to lay claim to that title...

But E3 is in danger of losing its prominence in the hierarchy of video game relevance, and its primary competition is coming from the Old World, at an event that’s not just for the game makers and game talkers, but the game players as well."

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CaspuR1382d ago

Which ever one shows me more persona 5 news is more important.

bouzebbal1382d ago

from sony side yes! just check how many european 1st party studios they have.

ABizzel11381d ago

Is it more important...No.

Is it as important...Yes.

The only reason E3 is looked at as the most important is simply because it's the first of the 3 major shows, in the biggest market (NA). E3 sets the stage for the holiday and what's to come.

For the most part Gamescom is a refresher of E3, with brand new footage, and a few announcements from the big developers, and the rest from EU developers who simply can't make it to E3.

TGS is the same as Gamecom and E3, except the Japanese versions. Although since the Japanese market is the smallest and dominated by mobile it can be argued otherwise, but still having that 10 million boost from Japan really helps Sony and Nitendo overall console sales.

All 3 are important if any console wants to win overall in world wide numbers.

elmaton981382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

No, it is not. E3 is more important for video games but those companies have opted to make others presentations just as important as e3 because they wanna show those other places just how commited they are to the world, and that why they have e3, gamescon, tgs and I dont know what else.

Insomnia_841382d ago

Gamescom is as important as E3 and TGS.

lelo1382d ago

For me, as a European, I don't think so. Every year a couple of months before E3 there is just so much electricity and excitement in the gaming world. Lot of rumours, articles, opinion pieces, interviews, etc. The same thing doesn't happen with Gamescom. E3 simply has more international expose.

iamnsuperman1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

That is because of it being the first real gaming conference of the year. The media generate the buzz because E3 is a big money generator for the american media and there hasn't been anything since the VGAs from 6 months prior. A lot of those rumours turn out to be utter rubbish.

At E3 we usually get hardware announcements because it make sense to do that then. They then have two conferences and an award show before christmas to build hype. Funnily enough Gamescom usually packs a punch but the build up to that punch is never there. We never get hardware announcements but European software from Sony is always announced there plus other, more frequent, big deals like price cuts or playable live demos from E3 are announced at gamescom. People don't expect gamescom to do anything but year after year shocking things come out of that conference. The media is stangley behind

Back-to-Back1381d ago

TGS to much lesser extent. Alot of what is shown there us Americans and Europeans wont touch unless you import or wait years for a release.

700p1381d ago

They're all important. They showcase games etc.

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DarkLord10031382d ago

For europeans I'd da it's more important.

Eonjay1382d ago

Yes because the exposure is huge as it is a public event. And its enormous.

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