G-Unit: Blood on the Sand Looking as Good as Gears

Although "Blood on the Sand" is the second entry in the 50 Cent video game franchise, this sequel is a total different game. Powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand will feature multi-player drop-in and drop-out co-op, interactive counter-kills, driving, and aerial combat. The game is written by Kamran Pasha, Producer of Bionic Woman, and is being developed by Swordfish Studios.

This is why Vivendi highlights these changes every time they show the game. Last night, MTV got a chance to talk with 50 Cent and the creators of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand in a demonstration of the game. From 50 Cent to other members of the G-Unit, everyone agreed the game is looking great.

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MK_Red3838d ago

Even if graphically it was as stunning as Crysis and Killzone 2 and gameplay wise it was deeper than Fallout and more intense than COD4, I'd still prefer to throw my money in sewer rather than buying the new 50 Cent game.

Cartesian3D3838d ago

couldnt agree more.. .. why they use a criminal celebrity to be a HERO in video games? :P
except Marcus fenix in Gears , all the main characters(HEROS) was innocent and goodtempered persons..

imo they must make an Action RPG game with jay-lo ..

Monty_The_Great3838d ago

I tend to agree with what you say, but if this game had all of those things you said, why wouldn't you play it? Because its 50 cent? If this game had all those things you said, then, it would be awesome.

eagle213837d ago

Totally agree!

"G-G-G-cough-G-G-cough-G -cough-G-G-cough, it's over"

aaquib53837d ago

Usually you're so open minded and non biased, but you're basically saying that even if it was a 10/10, perfect game, you still wouldn't buy it because of the main character? If 50 can pull off his "gangsta" look and capture that crowd, plus deliver a phenomenal game to capture the hearts of hardcore gamers, why is it a negative thing? It's 50 Cent, but if its a good game, who cares?

MACHone3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Monty, my boy, let's put it this way: even if this turned out to be the greatest game ever made, if for every copy that sold, God killed a kitten, would you still buy it?

It's pretty much the same idea.

kazuma3837d ago

haha spot on i'd do exactly the same as MK_Red kudos

Bnet3433837d ago

I think this can prove to blind fanboys that just because a game has stunning visuals doesn't make it awesome. But we all know, if its looks like Crysis and its an exclusive, IT HAS TO BE HYPED AAA. /sarcasm

MK_Red3837d ago

Thanks for the support :)

Monty_The_Great and aaquib5, my answer to your points is what MACHone said.
Also, even that was indeed the greatest game of all time, I'd still do what I can to avoid helping sales of a game advertising for a rapper like 50 Cent. Seriously, I'd rather die than support a 50 Cent game. Buying is game will open door for other rappers and soon it will be like the movie business where every rapper tries his luck in some movie or something.
Plus, 50 Cent think he's god. He released the Get Rich or Die Trying movie, album music and the Bulletproof game in the same year saying how is a godly gangsta and how he can own every media. His movie "BOMBED" and he learnt that cinema is not for idiots like him. His aweful game sold and now he is back with a game that compares itself to Gears of War. I'm not Gears fan but even for me that's insulting.

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Snoozer2823838d ago

Of course G-unit / 50 cent are going to say this. I doubt they're getting paid to say "Yea, my game looks rubbish."

crazy250003837d ago

They already ruined the rap genre, dont let them ruin games too.

CodeMonkey73837d ago

The worst part is that some of the youth idolize these sh!tbags. Its sad that its cool to be black, broke, selling rocks, and sporting cheap imitation bling. This world is better off without the blacks and muslims.

God bless.

poos33837d ago

mk red your a racist piece of crap i bet if it was emnem it would be cool you ignorant arse whole and ps your turninginto a sony fanboy ive sen your recent post gears of war 1 looks way better than this graphic style is the genric pc graphgics as i call it other games that use it are mgs4,bf2,cod4 yep th elook very brown and flat .

MACHone3837d ago

I needed a good laugh.

Cherchez La Ghost3837d ago

I commend the developers of this game. The game looks good. It will get bad vibes because it is G-Unit. If it was some other musical artist, it may be a diffrent tune. Don't judge too early.

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