Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli’s Actions are Inexcusable

Gamnesia writes: "An unfortunate and ugly situation has been brewing at Crytek for months, and last week it took an ugly turn that was capped off with CEO Cevat Yerli closing the company's UK branch, downsizing the USA branch, laying off over one hundred workers, and selling off the rights to Homefront: The Revolution. These announcements came less than a week after the studio issued a press release stating that positive news was on the way.

All of this followed months of rumors that Crytek was in financial trouble and reports from both current and former Crytek employees that they were not being paid on time, not being paid in full, or not being paid at all. Employees quit the company in droves, and finally some began to speak out. After the dust settled, Yerli opened up about the situation in an interview, but his attitude was far from apologetic or responsible. In fact, I found it downright despicable."

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Fullmetalevolust1385d ago

This has become an awful turn of events!
How I feel for the employees, not only being paid late but not in full...allegedly.

ZodTheRipper1385d ago

Yes and it was pretty much Yerli's fault... how stupid is it to make a AAA studio into a F2P only company? And then developing a MOBA to challenge heavyweights like LoL or DotA ...while abandoning their core genre and selling Homefront? I can't comprehend any of that, that's some next-gen level of stupid.

die_fiend1385d ago

Yeah totally agree , what a dumb move eh?

At least we can basically stop reading about them as they've just been placed firmly in the irrelevant category. Not that anything they've done recently has been good. They say they're not happy with ryse sales. That's because it's a really poor game on a really poor console. If the CEO can't figure that out then maybe he should stand down. Crysis 2&3 were both so dull, the only thing I remember is trying TK skip huge abouts using stealth so that I could trade it in ASAP!

Calling people 'emotional and having unreal expectations' when you're not paying them is truly awful, but maybe it's hard to think straight on top of all that cash.

One good thing from this though - Crytek is officially dead!

Queasy1385d ago

Interestingly, this article doesn't even touch on how Yerli threw the Crytek USA management under the bus. He blamed the management there for having high expenses and a high turnover rate.

That surprised the former head of Crytek USA in a follow-up interview with someone (can't remember who) where he stated that they had a small team to begin with and had only been together for a little while.

Give credit to Eurogamer for asking some tough questions and Yerli for bothering to answer them. However, he lost a lot of credibility with what he said.

Mega241385d ago

Dude's an ass, he has that Charlie Sheen style of "WINNING", blaming others for his mistakes.

HighResHero1385d ago

This guy has been saying annoying stuff for a while. None of this is surprising to me either.

iNFAMOUZ11385d ago ShowReplies(1)
HaveAsandwich1385d ago

welcome to the real world. job security doesn't exist. you better learn how to trend trade, so you can pick up on your own employer falling, and make money on its collapse.

spartanlemur1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Is that not illegal? I mean trading on the company you work for, in the sense that it violates insider trading laws? Not that it's really relevent given that Crytek is not a publicly-listed company...

HaveAsandwich1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

you haven't been fed information from anyone inside the company in this case, so no. "insider trading" is when someone trades based upon info given by someone who makes moves at said company. hell, jim cramer gives out info based on actual words from company execs, and he has his own tv show. you would simply be candlestick charting, with no known info from the company whatsoever. you could certainly be accused of insider trading though, yes.

Wni01385d ago

Maybe make less mindless games and this wouldnt be a problem

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