What Does EA Access Mean for Physical Retailers?

Over the last few days (at time of writing), EA and Microsoft have detailed a new exclusive partnership debuting on the Xbox One, titled 'EA Access'. The subscription service offers free and discounted EA games to its members, much to the delight of those who own Microsoft's console. The only downside is that, being entirely digital, it may have potentially disastrous effects on brick-and-mortar retailers.

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mrpsychoticstalker1443d ago

I think that it is time to embrace the future. Much like we are doing with music. Who buys CDs anymore?

Digital is the way to go, it's only a matter of time.

jmetalhead98121443d ago

I'm actually one of the few that still buy CD's I guess. But, I like going the digital route when it comes to games. There will still be pockets of video game stores around, like music stores for those old school people.

iamnsuperman1443d ago

Music had a huge advantage going digital only. The rise of Napster and mp3s made CDs almost irrelevant. The problem with gaming is buying online is still no more convenient than pre ordering. It becomes convenient with buying things on the fly but prices make that less common

welly3001443d ago

Cos the space on ur hdrive is unlimited ? Healthy mix physical and digital. Id prefer having the game in my hand but that might just be and my age not embracing the digital age.

ScorpiusX1443d ago

For new Physical units at retail nothing, but for second hand units that's a whole different situation. may mean less second hand sales from Xbox one owners. M2C

iamnsuperman1443d ago

It would apply to all. Though I feel EA's back catalogue isn't that good (it is built on yearly franchises which become irrelevant when the next one comes out) it could mean even less people buy past EA games from stores which will have an impact on all shops who have a resale market. The people who won't be affected are Amazon (or stores like that) and Supermarkets

ScorpiusX1443d ago

Think at first they are going to play both sides by providing both , then once it has become extremely popular. They will eliminate the cost of disc and prevent retailer from profiting all those millions from second hand sales . Sounds off but we no knew it was coming .M2C worth.

Tedakin1443d ago

I know if there's a good EA game out I want to play and I can pay 4.99 and have a month to beat it, I proooobably won't be buying that game.

mhunterjr1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

This is more of an attack on used retailers than it is an attack on new physical sales. Why buy Madden used for $30, when $30 can get me madde, fifa, and battlefield 4?

I'm sure some people will be induced to go digital to take advantage of the discount. Me, I'll still buy my EA games physical, then sell them on eBay when they appear in the vault. I did this with battlefield 4, and it paid for my subscription...Of course if, ea access REALLY takes off, it might kill demand for my used physical disc and my strategy won't work...

TimeSkipLuffy1443d ago

we don't even know how many titles gamers are given each year. The website says games are not staying in the vault forever even if some pr guy says otherwise.

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