6 Popular Theories From Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Looking at some of the popular theories that have come from the footage and trailers that have been shown from MGSV

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DarkOcelet1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I am certain that david hayter will show up as young snake in the game , other than that some of these theories are cool , kojima just love to troll us with these trailers and even when the game comes out , i doubt we will get to the end of the franchise just yet .

Agent20091379d ago

This talk about David Hayter is slowly getting silly. With all due respect to this man.

crxss1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Only 2 of these are correct/have a chance at being right. Eli is definitely liquid. And the medic has a high chance of being Ishmael. The other theories are garbage.

I would love Hayter to appear in the end in some fashion but based on how bitter he's sounding about the whole game, it's not likely

ZodTheRipper1379d ago

So you think a then-12 year old Snake will be voiced by David Hayter? Even if young Snake shows up somehow, I'm almost sure he's being voiced by someone more appropriate.

DarkOcelet1379d ago

I am talking about him when he fought the big boss , and @agent , come on man , he is been voicing snake since mgs1 , do you really think they would just let him go like that ?

scark921379d ago

I think Hayter will defo come back, just not right now. What DarkOcelet said.

ZodTheRipper1379d ago

Well that's not going to happen in Phantom Pain though. If we'll ever get a Metal Gear remake I'm almost sure that Hayter will voice Solid Snake again.

Shadowstar1379d ago

I really don't think Hayter will be showing up. He was very upset about the whole thing, and he still comes across as upset when people ask him about it. I'd like him to show up, because I don't like Sutherland's voice as much as Hayter's voice (Hayter's voice is the sex, Sutherland's is just generic, IMO), but the theories that they're changing it because it's Big Boss just don't hold water. GZ wasn't long after PW, which had Hayter's voice. Deja Vu could have had Hayter's voice and been way more comfortable to play, but instead we got Solid's skin and Sutherland's voice. I think people are dreaming when they talk about still getting Hayter. But I hope for all of our sakes that I'm the one who's wrong.

SovereignSnaKe1379d ago

~I still think it's Kojima taking trolling to the next level. Anything is still possible at this point.

Gatsu1379d ago

I don't think MGSV is the end either. Kojima himself said that it won't be the end of the series. I think we maybe see MGS6 which is remake of MG1+2, but like the article said have to wait for half a decade. Solid Snake vs Big Boss :D.

MGS6:Rising Heaven, starring...

Kiefer Sutherland = Big Boss
David Hayter = Solid Snake
Arnold Schwarzenegger = Gray Fox
Troy Baker = Machinegun Kid
Nolan North = Running Man

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Gatsu1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I'm pretty sure we play as real Big Boss as the game is about his downfall to madness anyway.

I don't think Chico is Quiet though, I find it funny that someone thinks that. So what, he change his gender and grow huge boobs too somehow lol :)? But I wouldn't really go guessing what happens to him, because we haven't seen Chico after the events of GZ.

I'm personally okey with Sutherland voicing Big Boss, but I believe we're all being played like a damn fiddle by the godlike troll Kojima and David. Imo Hayter will still make an appearance in the end of TPP, just maybe few voice lines or something or the usual post-credits conversation. Even if he has said million times he won't be in MGSV.

Remember we don't know for sure how far the game takes us, we just know it starts in year 1984. But the game might skip some years ahead in time at some point for David Hayter to have a small voice role for Solid, which is what I think maybe happen.

Anyway, It's Kojima the God, never know what happen. Just remember MGS2 and the shock we experienced when we had to play as the whine pretty-boy Raiden, instead of badass Solid :D.

Chapter111379d ago

Chico isn't quiet because he's too busy becoming Decoy Octopus.

Shadowstar1379d ago

No, man. He's gonna be Dirty Duck!